It all started with one word.


4. My first date (ever)

Tom told me to meet him in the park. So I put on a pair of mini shorts and a blue shirt that says keep calm and love forever.

When I arrive at the park I look around and see Tom with a picnic basket and blanket under an oak tree.

"Hello, Amethyst" Tom says.

"Hello, Tom" I say.

"So what would you like

To eat I have:

-ham sandwiches



-and for later on jelly

Tom and I talk for what seems to be forever we finally decide to head home as the sun begins to set.

So guys they need nick names for each other what do you think would be good also I recommend the book roommates by thegirldiscordloves I am so sorry it's such a short chapter I promise they will get longer

- imagine angel xx

Ps my mantra is a chapter a day keeps the haters away

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