It all started with one word.


10. Goodnight and Goodbye

"Goodnight" tom yelled from his motorbike.

"Goodbye" I replied.

"So sweetie how was it my dad asked as I entered the room.

"It was fantastic" I said dreamily.

"Go to bed now sweetie it's 12:00" my dad said simply.

When I woke in the morning I noticed something was different oh we'll I must have left the window open.

I flicked on my bedside light to see my mum string at me screaming that it was ally fault.

I screamed and opened my eyes it was just a dream.

My mum couldn't have been there she had been hit by a car trying to get to me at the bus stop.

I always felt it was my fault.

So sorry it's so short my baby sisters first birthday party was on and only had five minutes to write so sorry leave suggestions criticisms in the comments please it helps me keep the book going

-Imagine Angel xx

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