It all started with one word.


8. "Dinner date"

Amethyst's P.O.V

Aahhh! I screamed as I clung to Tom my house was only a couple blocks away so I had walked I had no idea I'd be getting a ride home.

"Alright Tom I want you at my house ready for a date." I said blatantly.

"What time Gem?" He asked sounding enthusiastic.

"6:30" I said "see ya then".

I texted him what to wear and then proceeded to get myself ready. You see what he had failed to notice was tonight the military where doing a public display including planes fireworks and a meet and great.

So after I had got my self ready in a pair of knee length jeans a camo top and my dads airforce jacket I was ready to pack us some food to eat.

I got some cheese biscuits and fruit platter some spaghetti Bolognese and a nice cream cake for desert.

"Hey Gem" said Tom smoothly.

"Hey Tom cat" I replied.

"So where are we going?" He inquired.

"Well someone's persistent" I exclaimed grabbing a blindfold and holding it out to him.

"Fine I'll put it on" He groaned.

"Great!" I said grabbing the esky and a blanket lets get going.

Hey guys the girldiscordloves is my sister and you should really try her books roommates and my songs. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

- Imagine Angel xx

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