It all started with one word.


11. Circus

"Guess what I got you" Tom says as I open the door.

"Circus lessons" I say sarcastically.

"How did you know?" Tom says confused

"I didn't " I said barely able to contain my excitement.

"I've wanted them since I was three" I nearly screamed.

As we entered the tent I took in every detail the trapeze the tight rope the ring the stands everything was just so amazing.

"Hello" said a lady "I'll be your instructor first we can do the trapeze"

"Great your harnesses are secure" she said kindly "So first we can see what you can do so climb on up with me and show me whatcha got"

I held my breath as I reached the top I took a step forward grabbed hold of the trapeze and jumped...

Leave suggestions in the comments and because this chapter is soooo short feel free to lay the hate on me as well

-imagine Angel

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