My Baby Boy (Ziall)

It just keeps going and going. I can't hide anywhere... Because I'm with him.

I can't just hide from him either because I love him. I love how he makes me feel and I love the way he touches me... The way he looks at me.

But fans know. Only some do but that's the problem. Niall doesn't know how big a deal Ziall is because every other boy in the band is shipped.

But I can't let anybody... Especially not Niall know that I like him. It would ruin our friendship for sure, we'd get separated just like Louis and Harry are. I'd already separated those two out of spite but separating myself and the guy I like.

Uh uh, no. Nope, no way in hell. I just need to keep him close, close enough to satisfy myself as well as stop the boys getting suspicious.

But that's the problem... I might have gone too far with the cover ups.

Because I'm hardly covering up my crush... It's more like I'm bullying Niall


4. Utter Bullsh!t

Zayn's POV

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" Liam yelled "pushing Zayn for no reason, typical Niall"

What? No it's not. What the hell is he on about?

"Oh my god I know" Louis agreed "he's always pushing Zayn around, he's supposed to be the baby"

He is the baby. What the fuck is going on

"Niall, Zayn get here right now!" Liam shouted

I went in first and the moment Niall sat down Liam went into his face, yelling at him to leave me alone

"You always do this!" Liam exclaimed "you can't keep your hands to your goddamn self Niall!"

I looked at Niall who was gripping the edge of the table, his eyes wide in fear. Liam had never been this angry before

"I-I'm sorry-"

"It's not sorry Niall!" Liam slammed his fist on the table "this is unacceptable, he's never once done anything to you-"

"Oh really?" Niall snivelled "Zayn's never done anything? Zayn is innocent? I do at all to him?"


"Why don't you ask Zayn exactly why I pushed him" Niall's lips trembled "because I'm sure he's got every fucking clue there is to have as to why I made his nose bleed"

"Sit down!" Liam growled, pushing Niall back into his chair

Then Niall began to cry. Why was Liam taking my side? I mean it wasn't really my side because I was on Niall's. I deserved the blood nose and the push... If he'd cut me with a knife I'd deserve that too

"No" Niall stood up "I had every right to do that to him-"


"Shut the hell up you twat" Niall hissed at me

"Just get out" I pointed behind me "go either out the bus or get in your bloody bed okay?"

Niall then burst into tears, running to his bed

"Thank you Zayn" Liam sighed

"Thank you?" I asked angrily "why are you thanking me? I just made Niall cry"

"He made your nose bleed"

"So what?" I asked "I deserved it. And he didn't mean for me to get hurt either"

"He always does this to you"

"He's never pushed me before!" I insisted "he's never done anything but try and cuddle up to me, ever!"

"That's a lie"

"It's the truth!" I said "I'm the one that pushes Niall round. He's innocent Liam, not me. I make him every week and this is the third time today I've put him in tears"

"You have every right-"

"No, I don't have any right!" I said angrily "I've never had any right or good reason to her him. I just do it and all Niall was doing was standing up for himself"

"Why are you defending him?" Liam asked

"Because he needs to be defended!" I insisted "he isn't a bad guy Liam, he's a good kid I swear"

"He pushed you-"

"You guys can hate him as much as you want to" I snapped "but I'm not going to turn on Niall okay? I know he loves it when I give him the right kind of attention so while your play the hate club, I'll be entertaining Niall and myself"


"I'm done"

Then I walked to Niall's bed. Climbing in without his permission

"Get out"

"No" I said annoyed "I'm pissed off with Liam"

"I'm pissed off with everyone"

"You're the only person I want to be with" I mumbled, cuddling Niall's back

"Let go"

"You don't have to cuddle me... I want to cuddle you" I mumbled, putting my arms round Niall

"Fine" he sighed

"No!" I heard Liam shout again "we need to move our things into a hotel room!"

"I'll move their stuff" I heard Harry "don't worry about it"


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