My Baby Boy (Ziall)

It just keeps going and going. I can't hide anywhere... Because I'm with him.

I can't just hide from him either because I love him. I love how he makes me feel and I love the way he touches me... The way he looks at me.

But fans know. Only some do but that's the problem. Niall doesn't know how big a deal Ziall is because every other boy in the band is shipped.

But I can't let anybody... Especially not Niall know that I like him. It would ruin our friendship for sure, we'd get separated just like Louis and Harry are. I'd already separated those two out of spite but separating myself and the guy I like.

Uh uh, no. Nope, no way in hell. I just need to keep him close, close enough to satisfy myself as well as stop the boys getting suspicious.

But that's the problem... I might have gone too far with the cover ups.

Because I'm hardly covering up my crush... It's more like I'm bullying Niall


5. Silent Treatment

Zayn's POV

I stood at the end of the double hotel bed, my mouth open in shock as I took in that I had to share this with my crush


I am screwed. I know how this stuff turns out. I've made mistakes before. I've accidentally kissed girls that liked me... What's stopping me from putting Niall in one of those positions.

Oh that's right... Nothing!

"Oh great" Niall grumbled, walking into the room "I'm sharing with you"

Maybe I should just be nice...

"I know, isn't it great?" The words tumbled from my lips

"What?" Niall asked looking a little disturbed

"Uhm... Nevermind" I shook my head and put down my bags

"Don't touch me while we share this"

Three weeks. He wants me not to touch him, for three weeks. As if.

"You're my personal teddy bear starting now" I claimed him "wether you like it or-"

"I'll shave your head"

Wow... Niall's really annoyed with me

"Niall if this is about earlier-"

"Earlier?!" He laughed and raised his voice "EARLIER?! No Zayn, this is about fucking everything. Every hour, every minute, every second, every half a second... Every fucking day"

"Just... Unpack your stuff" I gave in "we can talk later"

"I don't want to talk to you"

Then I stayed quiet, letting Niall watch telly while I unpacked my suitcases. When I finished, Niall started and I heard a sniffle that made me turn round

Niall only had three things left to unpack and one of the three were a pair of pants in his hand. He sniffed again, wiping his eyes.

Then I got to my feet and I walked toward him

"Nialler" I spoke softly, putting my hands on his hips "what's wrong?"

"Nothing" he answered "I'm fine"

"No... You're not" I took the pants from his hand and just trie to get him to listen "you're crying Ni... Why?"

"I don't want to share a room with you"


"Why?" I asked "I'm psyched about sharing with you"

"Yeah right"

Ten minutes later we were sitting on the couch facing eachother.

Niall was still sort of crying and I was holding his face, stroking one side of his face. I was just stroking away very tear that leaked from his closed eyes... I didn't dare speak without Niall's permission.

"I need a hug" Niall whimpered

I let him hug my body and eventually Niall just feel asleep, his body weighing mine backward

I let his rest for hours on end and when he woke he didn't say anything to me... I knew I'd made him angry

The next say he didn't speak to me. So I just ignored him. I did it till Thursday, glancing at him at the most from then onward.

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