My Baby Boy (Ziall)

It just keeps going and going. I can't hide anywhere... Because I'm with him.

I can't just hide from him either because I love him. I love how he makes me feel and I love the way he touches me... The way he looks at me.

But fans know. Only some do but that's the problem. Niall doesn't know how big a deal Ziall is because every other boy in the band is shipped.

But I can't let anybody... Especially not Niall know that I like him. It would ruin our friendship for sure, we'd get separated just like Louis and Harry are. I'd already separated those two out of spite but separating myself and the guy I like.

Uh uh, no. Nope, no way in hell. I just need to keep him close, close enough to satisfy myself as well as stop the boys getting suspicious.

But that's the problem... I might have gone too far with the cover ups.

Because I'm hardly covering up my crush... It's more like I'm bullying Niall


3. Naked Wakeup

Niall's POV

"Zayn" I whispered "wake up"

Zayn groaned annoyed... Course he didn't want to get up.

I tore off the covers my eyes widening at his size... Oh, wow.

I gulped, unable to take my eyes away... I wanted to touch it

"No, Niall that's gross" I shook my head

Then I started to shake Zayn

"Leave me"

"Zaynie they're coming back" I said desperately "they're coming back now!"

Then he woke up


He got out my bed naked and I put on my boxers. Unfortunately for him, the moment he got out the door opened.

"What the... Why are you naked?" I heard Louis

"I uh... I was changing"

"By Niall's bed?" Louis questioned

"Yes... Is that a crime?" He asked

"It's a little weird"

"Where's Niall?"

"In his bed"

"It's not safe to change in front of Niall" Harry then joked "he'll pull out Mr Lefty"

I pulled back my curtain and flicked Harry the finger

"See?" Harry cackled "he used his right because he's holding himself with his left!"

Louis started to laugh too and Zayn just looked at me with a frown

"I swear I'm not" I said truthfully

"Oh... Okay" he nodded

Then I took the eyecandy, letting myself mind-fuck the naked boy in front of me.

"Hey, eyes" Liam caught me out

"What?" I played dumb

"Staring at other people naked is rude" Liam continued

"Uh..." Now my cheeks went red

Zayn didn't look at me though, he only looked confused at Liam

"By right I get to see Niall" Zayn blurted

I choked on air... Was he being serious?

Liam, Louis and Harry looked in shock but they then started to laugh.

Zayn smiled, clearly pleased that he'd made them laugh.

But my mouth was still side open in shock

"Later then" he lipped, giving me a wink

"Dick" I grumbled

"Yeah" he smirked "that's exactly what you're going to show me"

I pulled the curtain in front of my face and pulled off my boxers before getting out the bed.

This time Zayn just froze... Okay?

"Zayn" I clicked "hello? What the hell? Earth to Zayn!"

But he kept staring at me and I shifted uncomfortably, the covering myself and heading to the bathroom.

I heard the boys start to laugh

"Fucking hell he's huge!" Zayn laughed

Oh... I get it. My size is funny.

I locked the door and put on boxers, sitting on the toilet seat whimpering... Why did he always laugh at me? Or mocki me? Did he hate me or something?

I wiped my eyes... I was not going to cry because of him again. I had to stand up for myself... I should give Zayn a taste of his own medicine

I unlocked the door and walked down the hall to the laughing boys. I shoved Zayn hard, he fell forward and his face smacked the floor

The boys stopped laughing and Zayn groaned in pain

"It's not fucking funny you pervert!" I shouted under my breath

Then I turned round and went back to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

A few minutes later I heard panicking then there was a knock on the door

"Niall, open up!" It was Zayn

"Fuck off"

"Niall I need tissue paper"


"I'm bleeding"

"Good" I snapped "you can bleed to death"

"Niall I'm serious"

I opened the door eventually and there was blood dripping down both his arms. Both his hands covered his nose but it still leaked between his fingers


Zayn hurried to the toilet and started to pull off paper. Holding it over his nose

"D-do you need help?" I asked

"No" he sounded upset "I'm fine"

After a few minutes I couldn't take not helping him. I put my hands on his hips and put down the toilet lid

"Sit there" I mumbled "I'll clean it up"

Zayn sat quietly, holding the tissue round his nose

I pulled a new piece off and tipped back Zayn's head. I took the old paper and rolled the new one into thick large squares

"Hold it there, keep your head back"

Zayn listened and I wiped off as much blood as I could with toilet paper. Then I went to get my cloth... My only cloth.

I wet it under the tap with warm water and put in the plug to fill up the sink. I squeezed out the water and started with his arms. The blood wiped off easy and I then rinsed it in the filled up sink.

Then I worked on his neck, wiping the blood off his jaw and chin

"Why'd you push me?" Zayn asked

"Because you pushed me"

"Fair enough"

I knew the other three as well as Paul were standing behind me, watching me clean up Zayn. This was really awkward, he was still naked and there was blood down his stomach and even further down than that.

I cleaned up his cheeks, his mouth and then round his nose. He held the tissue back and he had to stand. So I shut the door and locked it... I was not getting mocked over this not was I letting Zayn get mocked.

I got onto my knees and cleaned his stomach and thigh, ignoring his junk... A little.

"I can do that" Zayn said calmly

"It's fine" I cleaned round his hairs "I made you bleed, I should have to clean the blood"

"Don't you feel weird?"

"Course I do" I smiled up at him "but you're Zayn Malik, no way in hell would I turn this down"

Zayn chuckled at my response, I was the one who always got every Directioners dream simply because I was strange.

"Just... Try not to- touch that" Zayn gasped when I accidentally brush him

"Sorry" I stood up "you're all done now"

"Thanks Nialler" he smiled "I appreciate it"

"Yeah" I mumbled

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