My Baby Boy (Ziall)

It just keeps going and going. I can't hide anywhere... Because I'm with him.

I can't just hide from him either because I love him. I love how he makes me feel and I love the way he touches me... The way he looks at me.

But fans know. Only some do but that's the problem. Niall doesn't know how big a deal Ziall is because every other boy in the band is shipped.

But I can't let anybody... Especially not Niall know that I like him. It would ruin our friendship for sure, we'd get separated just like Louis and Harry are. I'd already separated those two out of spite but separating myself and the guy I like.

Uh uh, no. Nope, no way in hell. I just need to keep him close, close enough to satisfy myself as well as stop the boys getting suspicious.

But that's the problem... I might have gone too far with the cover ups.

Because I'm hardly covering up my crush... It's more like I'm bullying Niall


1. Intro

"Can someone wake up Zayn?" Harry asked the boys at the table

"Get Niall to" Liam mumbled

"He's still asleep" Harry shook his head

Louis got up from the table, putting his bowl in the sink after rinsing it and went to Niall's bed

"Psst, Niall" he hissed

Niall stirred, groaning as he rolled over and opened his eyes

"What's the time?" Niall asked groggily

"Time for you to wake up lover boy" Louis teased

Niall smiled at the thought of Zayn being his lover... He loved the thought

"Okay" he croaked with an adorable smile

Louis let Niall get up and Niall trudged down one bed

"Zayn" he mumbled

"Mm?" Zayn hummed

Niall climbed up into Zayn's bed, making Louis sigh... Niall was hopeless

"Make me space" Niall mumbled

"Nah, just lie on me" Zayn responded

Louis sat back at the table, sighing

"Is Niall waking him?" Harry asked

"No" Louis shook his head "Niall's gotten into his bed"

"In what way?"

"To sleep" Louis mumbled "with Zayn"

"He usually wakes Zayn up" Liam frowned

"Yeah well, he's got jetlag" Louis answered "so does Zayn... We can't expect them to willingly get up"

"I'm sorry but if Niall can get out of bed and climb into Zayn's, he can get up and eat with the rest of us"

"Fine" Liam stood up "I'll wake them up"

Liam walked to Zayn's bed, pulling back the curtain. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Niall cuddled into Zayn's chest, curled up against his body with a tiny smile

"Aww, guys come look!" He cooed

Louis and Harry moved quick, starting to coo too when they saw the two boys snuggled in Zayn's bed

"Wake them up" Louis hissed

"But they're so cute!" Liam protested "and I'd rather they be cute than Zayn get angry"

"Move" Harry pushed Liam out the way

"Pooh you" Liam glared

"Yo, Zayn" Harry prodded him

"Fuck off" Zayn grumbled

"Get up pretty boy" Harry continued to prod him "we gotta go, get out of bed"

Zayn sat up, looking ready to kill. But then Niall intervened

"Hey... I'm using you" he mumbled

Zayn looked down, his expression softening when he saw Niall. But then he began to go red

"How long has he been in my bed?" Zayn hissed

"About ten minutes" Louis folded his arms "he was supposed to be waking you up but you offered to cuddle with him"

Zayn pushed Niall out of his bed, making the blond boy hit the floor and shoot awake in horror

"What the hell?!" Niall immediately got angry at Zayn "you let me get in your bed you cunt!"

Zayn's eyebrows raised in amusement and Niall only flicked him off, stomping to his own bed and pulling the curtain

"Oh no you don't" Harry pulled back the curtain "you are both getting up, eating, getting ready and then leaving"

"Let go" Niall wriggled


Harry ended up dragging Niall onto the floor, a little confused to see him with teary eyes.

"Niall?" Harry then asked concerned

"Fuck off" Niall pushed him away and got back into bed

Only Zayn go out of bed, Harry insisted they let Niall sleep because he was hurt from Zayn pushing him out the bed... Zayn didn't believe a word of it.

Then as the boys left, Niall started to cry... He thought he was alone. But he wasn't for long because soon after the boys left, Zayn came back for his phone. Freezing when he heard the blonde boy crying.

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