My Baby Boy (Ziall)

It just keeps going and going. I can't hide anywhere... Because I'm with him.

I can't just hide from him either because I love him. I love how he makes me feel and I love the way he touches me... The way he looks at me.

But fans know. Only some do but that's the problem. Niall doesn't know how big a deal Ziall is because every other boy in the band is shipped.

But I can't let anybody... Especially not Niall know that I like him. It would ruin our friendship for sure, we'd get separated just like Louis and Harry are. I'd already separated those two out of spite but separating myself and the guy I like.

Uh uh, no. Nope, no way in hell. I just need to keep him close, close enough to satisfy myself as well as stop the boys getting suspicious.

But that's the problem... I might have gone too far with the cover ups.

Because I'm hardly covering up my crush... It's more like I'm bullying Niall


7. Change Of Scene

Niall's POV

For the first time ever, I woke first. But I didn't want to move... I was happy in Zayn's arms

"Morning" Zayn kissed my head

I felt sparks ripple across my skin, a slight burn let where his lips had placed

"Morning" I smiled

"You want to get up?" Zayn asked "or keep cuddling?"

"Up" I answered "so we can eat"

Zayn nodded and got out of bed. He didn't seem to mind being naked and in all honesty... I didn't either.

"Pancakes?" I asked

"Anything" he nodded, making his way to the kitchen

Fifteen minutes later, two plates stacked with pancakes were place in front of me.

I was going to grab one but I felt Zayn's cheek rub into mine

"I love your cuddles" he mumbled

"Go away" I laughed "my pancakes want to be eaten"

He laughed back, picking up his and turning on the TV. I finished my pancakes first while Zayn put on E NEWS.

"Want more?"

"Nah" I shook my head

"I can make more"

"Okay" I gave in

Five minutes later I'd finished more pancakes and right now... Is pretty strange

Zayn held my lower back. He was just hugging me and soon we ended up on the floor playing hand games

"Knock, knock" I heard Liam's voice

I expected Zayn to run for boxers but he didn't. Instead he called out

"It's open!"

Liam opened the door and Louis and Harry stood beside him


"Morning" Zayn stood up

"Agh!" Louis covered Harry's eyes as all three of them yelled at the sight of Zayn naked again

Liam was covering Louis' eyes and Liam was just wide eyes

"Wh-where are your clothes... Again?" Liam asked in shock

"Wash, duh" Zayn answered

"D-does Niall know about y-y-"

"Course I do" I then stood up with help from Zayn "nakedddd"

Zayn chuckled, pulling me to his side at my impression of the naked wizard from Adventure Time.

"Are we missing something?" Louis asked

"Not really" Zayn answered "we were just playing chopsticks"

"Do you want something to eat?" Harry then asked "I can make-"

"Nope, full"


"I made him breakfast"

Harry started to laugh "wh-what did you make him? C-Cereal?!"

Harry seemed to think he was hilarious but all it made Zayn do was frown

"He made me pancakes" I answered "two batches, they were real good"

Then the three boys left. Harry scanning me up and down

"I suggest you don't let yourself get carried away" he warned "Zayn will cut you off at anytime now"

What? What does Harry mean?

Zayn was tense... Had something happened between him and Harry that I wasn't aware of?

"Ignore Harry" Zayn's voice was now throaty "he doesn't know what he's saying"

And that's what worried me... I didn't know wether to believe Zayn or Harry.

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