STYLES (A Harry Vamp Fic)

The young girl sobs as the beast with black eyes approaches her with a smirk.

"P-please" she stammers

"How could you be so stubborn Ella?" The monster hooks a loose strand of hair behind her hair

"I-I don't know" Ella responds

"Mummy and daddy are gone" The monster's eyes somehow glitter as he stares into Ella's eyes "baby brother and big sister are gone... That only leaves you"

"Please don't hurt me" Ella begs as the monster turned her head

Ella freeze as the monster inhales her scent and elicits a soft moan. It's fangs sink down into her jugular and thick tears roll down Ella's cheeks as what feel like two enormous injections stab into her neck

She croaks as her mouth dries. Her face pale as she starts to lose blood into the monster's mouth. The monster slowly removes his fangs from Ella's neck and smirks at the girl now now pale and weak

Ella slumps down to the floor and looks once more to her younger brothers shadow on the wall. It being small and flat, as her brother had too been attacked by the beast she'd let in the house

"Stupid girl" the beast hisses before she falls into a sedated state.

The last thing heard is a taunting and low cackle. Ella's vision blurring red, to white and then into her final state... of darkness.
Eyes black as night, fangs sharp as blades. A creature that kills, for the taste... Of blood.

Do you believe?


1. New Neighbor

I woke up without a yawn, just my eyes opening and myself sitting up... I love Saturdays. No school, no work and no parents, what more could a 18 year old ask for?

Oh yeah... A boyfriend.

I got up out of bed, tying my brown and curly hair into a high and tight bun with two thick, black hair-ties. I walked into my bathroom, the faint smell of Lavender coming to my attention... odd.

I ignored it, turning on the shower and beginning to undress. I took a look at my nude self in the mirror, noticing that the teeny lumps between the valley of my breasts were back... I think they're pimples or something.

I squeezed one by using two of my nails, a small white string seeming to erect from the tiny lump.

"Shit" I cussed quietly as a small amount of blood raised from underneath

I decided to leave them alone and actually get into the shower. So, I hopped under the water, quickly wetting my face with the hot water that fell from the shower's head, squirting a small amount of white gel from a purple clean and clear bottle into my hand. I then used the green bottle of facial wash, also a gel but with fine grains of sand in them I think.

I mixed the two face cleaners together, gently rubbing it over my chin, my upper lip, the sides of my nose and over my forehead where my hair usually sat.

I kept the cleanser on for a moment, shaving under my arms because I seriously needed to. And besides, I can't go out in a singlet with even small sprouting hairs.

After lathering my pits in green dove soap and shaving them carefully, I washed off my facial wash the way they would in ads... It did nothing.

So I just filled water in my cupped hands, wiping my palms down with the water to rid the cleanser. After washing every other part of my body I hopped out the shower, grabbing my black towel from over the shower wall.

I'm a girl, I don't want my bright colored towels turning certain stains into a repulsive color.

I wrapped it round my chest, tightening it before my armpit to avoid uncomfortableness and then padded out back into my bedroom, leaving wet footprints on my dark carpet. It's dark because it's a nice and that way I can eat in my room without having to worry about food and drink stains.

I pulled off my towel, starting by patting my face dry. I then pet dry my neck, using my towel to dry the rest of my body as I looked out my large glass door.

I don't really bother with my curtains anymore because I no longer have neighbours. They moved out a couple of months ago and three weeks after it was put onto sale, people stopped coming to look at it, so I basically had privacy.

I was drying under my breasts when I saw the curtains in one of the rooms move... No wonder nobody bought it, they can't even keep the wind-

The curtains snapped open, a curly haired male going wide eyed

I bolted for cover, making sure to protect my once showing body with my towel. Then I quickly drew shut my curtains, feeling my heartbeat in my head from the fright.

Why was there someone next door? Did he live there? Why didn't I know anyone was moved in?

I got dressed into green camouflage skinny jeans and an army green tanktop, putting on a pair of combat boots with grey socks underneath.

Yes, I probably look like I am in the army but that's the thing, I think I look awesome in that theme... And with black lipstick.

I took out my small and high bun, combing my hair and then taming it with a roller brush. I made a parting a few centimeters from the middle, tying it in a loose side plait with one of the two black ties I'd used.

Part of my hair I'd thrown over, now sat in front of my left eye, giving me the 'serious' look.

I didn't bother with any make up really, just an awesome pencil eyeliner with a sponge on the opposite side to make smoky eye.

I made a thick line on one eyes, popping the cap off the larger but soft and blunt sponge, rubbing the pencil upward to blend the black. I repeated on the other eye, making the black line go into the corners of my eyes so it was even.

Awesome, now I have the full look.

As I opened my bedroom door I heard my dog, Calen (Cah-leh) barking... Guess it was time for him to go for a walk.

I grabbed Calen's plain black leash and he came bounding toward me full speed, trying to grab the leash in his jaws

"no, stop it" I laughed "stop it"

He barked some more, jumping up to grab it. Calen is a German Shepard, I love him to bits. He looks like a police dog which is obviously why I got him. I'm way into the Hero sort of thing. Not super hero, but war haeroes, law heroes, public heroes, even having a job that involves rescuing is what I want to do for a living.

I managed to attach his leash to his green collar that was the exact same color as my tank top. I opened up the front door, hanging my key round my neck and heading out the door.

I prayed that my neighbor wasn't going to come outside. And thankfully, there was no sign of him.

I walked into the woods, waiting a little bit before letting Calen off the leash to chase rabbits and squirrels. I sat on a fallen tree, watching him run after a small grey rabbit... He was an odd dog.

"You know you should really close your curtains when you've just gotten out of the shower" A deep voice startled me

I slipped from the log, getting to my feet and clutching my heart... No, why is he out here?

"When... When did you even move in?"

"Yesterday afternoon" He answered calmly, his own large hands at his sides before holding one out to me "I'm Harry"

"Claudia" I shook his hand, a firm grip making me ache a bit "welcome to the neighbor hood, Harry"

"I had quite an interesting welcome" He smiled, referring to his sight of me nude through what I assume is his bedroom window

"Please don't... remind me" I was a little agitated by the reminder

"Well, it's nice to at least meet my only neighbors" Harry smiled

Harry was a lot taller than me... But he was cute in a way. He had on a pale wide brimmed hat and a white business suit shirt unbuttoned to just above his belly button, a large butterfly tattoo on his stomach I think. He had on tight black skinny jeans, the bottom's rolled above his ankles and his feet bare

"I'd love to agree but.... You kinda saw my boobs" I said truthfully

"I saw a lot more that your breasts Claudia" He mocked me

"Very funny Harry" I smiled warmly

It was hard not to smile at Harry when he did because his was just so nice and honest. Clean, straight and white teeth, thin pink lips that curled into a crooked smile and dimples presenting themselves whenever he did so.

"I am funny" He agreed

"So..." I said feeling a little awkward

"How old are you?" Harry asked curiously


"Same here" He seemed thrilled by our age similarites

"Oh" I nodded

I heard Calen barking loudly and he suddenly came running from my side, standing in front of me and snarling at Harry

"Calen, stop it!" I grabbed him by the back of his collar

He tried to jump forward snapping at Harry. Harry just looked unfazed at Calen, even a hint of amusement by my dog's behavior evident in the hidden smile that played in one corner of Harry's pink lips.

"I'm sorry" I apologized to be polite "Calen sometimes gets like this with strangers, I don't know why but he just does"

"That's alright" Harry then stared intensely at Calen "Dogs don't particularly like me"

"Well, Calen is usually quite friendly to people" I said confused "especially if they don't smell like dog"

"Yes well, I don't particularly like dog's either" Harry said in a calm state

Calen snarled, baring his canine teeth and barking loudly at Harry, his legs apart and his stance strong

"Calen that is enough" I then pushed his side

He tried to run at Harry but I managed to only just catch him... So I put Calen back onto his leash.

I tied my stupid acting dog to a thick branch on the fallen tree and walked back to Harry

"So... You've got a little puppy" Harry's words made me shiver

The way he said them was almost like he was taunting me... mocking me in a creepy yet incredibly drawing manner.

"Y-yes" I managed to choke out

"I must say" Harry smirked "never have I ever seen a dog as beautiful as your own"

"Really?" I asked "you've never seen a German Shepard before?"

"On telly yes" Harry then looked back at Calen with his hauntingly green eyes "but not in real life, I'm not fond of the forces"

"oh" I nodded "that's why"

"And besides" Harry then seemed to give my dog a scary smile "I don't have much care for dogs"

"oh... Really?" I asked "when you said dogs didn't like out, you came off as a little bummed out"

"Not at all Claudia" He chuckled, his dimples popping and the few curls peeking from under his hat, bouncing with the vibrations of his beautiful and musical laugh.

I'd never met anyone as happy about disliking something back as Harry. I usually hated things because they decided I wasn't right but Harry? no, he was fine and happy because he simply was not interested

"Did you move in with your parents?"

"My parents are dead"

"Really?" I asked "I'm so sorry I had no-"

"It was a very long time ago" Harry cut me off with a wave of his hand "It's honestly not that sad"

Wow... A carefree guy that's cute, friendly and has seen me naked. Well, the only part that is keeping me from liking Harry is his intimacy with dogs and the obvious answer to that question would be none whatsoever..

"I have to go" Harry looked up at the now setting sun "it isn't safe to be out after the sun goes down you know?"

Jeez, how long have I been here?

"You're right" I agreed, unravelling Calen's restriction from the thick branch

"I'll walk back with you" Harry offered with a kind smiled "Just to make sure you get home safely"

I nodded

"Just... Keep the dog away from me" he laughed again

"Will do" I nodded

we chatted a bit more as we made our way back down the path I'd used to get here. Harry and I both exchanging small and not so important details like what our favorite colors were, our favorites foods, drinks and just more nonsense.

By the end of the walk I'd learnt Harry's favorite color was red, the specific shade being crimson. Which is actually a pretty cool colour. I'd also learn't that he loved a medium rare steak, he liked it chewy and pink. He said he didn't often drink anything other than water and that every now and again he'd have a bit of Pepsi. His middle name was Edward and his last name Styles making his full name, Harold Edward Styles... Yes, Harold. Harry was short for Harold.

He didn't really look like a Harold, but he definitely looked like a Harry.

The entire way, Calen growled at Harry, his ears back and drool seeping from his bared fangs... It was so weird.

"Well, goodnight Claudia" Harry smiled as we came to my doorstep "I hope to see you again"

"Same here" I smiled back, even bigger.

"Stay safe" He chuckled "tonight is supposed to be a fullmoon"

"What does that mean?" I asked


"You're so strange Harry" I laughed

"thank you for letting me accompany you in the forest" Harry smiled

"it's no problem, I had a lot of fun actually"

"So did I" he agreed

then he lifted my hand in his, kissing the back of it and making me blush

"I'm serious about staying safe" Harry's playful personality vanished "there are wolves here"

"I haven't seen any before" I frowned

"I heard a few last night" Harry said, looking into the trees "They sounded quite close, be careful"

"You too" I mumbled

Harry walked to his house next door, slamming the door shut.

Wolves? Since when were there wolves in Cheshire?

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