She Changed -A Niall Horan fanfic

Primrose Hill was always that girl who was typically a nerd. When One Direction first arrived to her school, she knew it was gonna be a living hell. So she needed to change.


4. A/N

Hey my food lovers! Sorry this isn't an amazing new chapter. Anyways with school and all of my homework I need co-authors for my stories. So comment down below what story you want to co-author and you will. I give permission to all of my co-authors to do whatever they want. But it has to feel right. My co-authors can: hold contests, introduce themselves, pick pictures to represent the characters but the hair needs to be a dirty blonde for Brianna and a light brown/regular brown for Kati. The co-authors can do anything that feels right. Thanks my food lovers! Oh and, I stopped self harming! I know it's hard to stop, but I go to a One Direction concert in October with my friend and I don't want any trouble with it, but they will see my scars. But anyways I am not too worried anymore. So congrats to me! Until next time my loyal food lovers!

~ Brianna

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