You & I

Harry and Jordan were meant to be...
Until the rumors were too wild....
They fight for their love lasting relationship.
They get torn and ripped apart. So Jordan takes some time away from Harry. She soon realizes that it was a mistake to leave his side.
But will the rumors and hate go away?

"Jordan... Not even the gods above could separate us. Nothing can come between us. We can make it to the end. I love you with every ounce of my soul. You and I, mi amor." -Harry


3. Back home


The plane ride was long and boring. I constantly looked at my phone. But I never got a text from him.. He's probably mad that I left. But it's better for me to be gone. "Hey!" I heard my cousin yell as I walked off the plane. He smiled brightly as he threw me over his shoulder and ran to the car. "MY BAGS!" I laughed so hard I could barely talk. My cousin and I are super close, he means everything to me. His wife died three years ago and I'm helping him get better. Since he's only 24 there's still more time to find another love. I giggled as he hopped into the truck and blasted the music. He began dancing and singing along to the song. Oh my god I've missed him.

We arrived at the house in short time. The place looks bigger than ever. "Let's go." He smiled. I jump out with my bags and ran inside. I'm finally happy to be back home.

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