Love Conquers All

Justin needs an opening act for his tour. Brooklyn is a big fan of Justin. What happens when they meet? Brooklyn doesn't like to show weakness, but she is slowly falling apart. She doesn't want to let her walls down for Justin because she's been hurt too many times before. What happens when Justin thinks he's falling for Brooklyn? Will she let him be a big part of her life? Or will they forever be 'just friends'?


2. Just the Beginning

Justin's POV

"What?! For real?! Are you serious?" I jumped up excited.

"Yes, for real. We'll be touring the world. We leave in three days," Scooter said smiling, happy that I was excited. 

"I'm gonna go pack!" I yelled, running back to my room. I stopped instantly as I remembered something. "Wait, what about everyone? When are they all going to come?" I asked, walking back into the living room. 

"Well, I was thinking Ryan and Chaz could come with us and share a bus with you and Fredo. Kenny, Ryan, and I will be sharing one with some of your guy backups. And then, of course the girls and your mom will have their own bus, also. Of course, Ryan and Chaz aren't going to be able to stay with us the whole tour, so they can just come whenever they want to, along with some of your other friends," Scooter said.

"Yes!" Chaz screamed. "I'm going to pack right now. I can't believe we will be touring the world!"

As soon as everyone left, I packed my things into my suitcases, ready to go. I got on Twitter and tweeted. 'Big surprises coming your way'.

"Justin, will you come here?" I heard my mom call from down the hall. I walked into her room to see her trying to reach something on the shelf in her closet.

"Whoa, mom," I said, reaching up and grabbing the box with ease.

"Thank you," she laughed. "That's all I needed."

I texted Ryan and Chaz, asking if they wanted to go to the mall. I needed new shoes, desperately.

I told my mom where I was going and hopped into my car. When I got there, I could see Ryan and Chaz waiting for me by their cars. I got out and walked over to them.

"Hey man," Ryan said slapping my hand.

"Thank god we're going shopping," Chaz said. "I need new clothes for when we leave. I gotta impress all the ladies," he smoothed his hair, trying to be cool. Ryan and I just laughed.


It is now Friday and we leave for Atlanta today. I'm so excited; I just want to make my fans happy. I got up early and was ready by nine. Everyone was in my living room waiting for me. We were going to hang out for awhile before we leave.

It is now about four and we are leaving for the airport in about thirty minutes.

"Oh, Justin, we're going to miss you so much," my grandma said, embracing me in a hug. She then walked over to my mom and said goodbye to her too. I could she her crying, which in turn made my mom tear up. I walked over to my friends I was leaving behind.

"Bye faggot. You better come visit your hometown," Christian said.

"Hey, dick face, don't worry, I'll visit," I laughed play shoving him. I gave all of them bro hugs and then walked over to my dad and Erin.

"I'm going to miss you a lot," I said, hugging both of them. They said they would come eventually, but they were too busy now.

"Oh, we'll miss you too, kiddo," Erin said. Jazzy and Jaxon came running over and jumped into my arms.

"I'm going to miss you, bubby," Jazzy pouted.

"I'll miss you too, princess. But don't worry, I'll call all the time and we can facetime, okay?"

"Okay," I could see tears brimming her eyes.

"Hey, don't cry. Princesses can't cry. They have to be happy and smile," I started tickling her sides. I kissed her forehead and set her down. "Bye sis, I love you."

"Bye Justin. I love you more!" I shook my head.

"No way, Jose!" I joked. I stood up and said bye to everyone again, hugging my family once more. We walked out the door and got into our cars to take to the airport.

"I can't believe this is actually happening," Chaz said as we were getting closer to the airport.

"Dude, you're more excited than Justin," Ryan said from the backseat. I laughed and pulled into a parking spot.

"Here!" I yelled. We all hopped out and got our luggage.


We just arrived in Atlanta and I can hardly sit still. We are going to be renting a hotel for now, since we are only here for a couple of weeks.

Ryan, Chaz, Fredo, and I went into our room and decided to call it quits. We were all tired from the plane ride and needed some rest because we have a long day tomorrow, as Scooter likes to say. 

I lied down and thought of the day ahead of me. 'Tomorrow starts a new chapter in your life, Justin. And this is just the beginning.' My mom had said when we landed. I was pumped and could hardly fall asleep, but eventually I drifted off into a deep slumber.

*                               *                             *

HEYYY! So, I hoped you liked this chapter! Uhm, I know they're really short so far, I just want to get the story going and I had some free time, so I decided to write a little. I promise the chapters will get better. Sorry, the girl hasn't been introduced, yet. She will be soon! Like I said before, I have no clue what really happens, so I hope it's at least beliebable, lol, see what i did there ;) oh, and I will be making up the places where he goes because I don't really know where he went. Anyway, thanks for reading! Like, comment, and favorite! It will help me to hear your feedback. Love you all! :*


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