Love Conquers All

Justin needs an opening act for his tour. Brooklyn is a big fan of Justin. What happens when they meet? Brooklyn doesn't like to show weakness, but she is slowly falling apart. She doesn't want to let her walls down for Justin because she's been hurt too many times before. What happens when Justin thinks he's falling for Brooklyn? Will she let him be a big part of her life? Or will they forever be 'just friends'?


5. Big News!

Brooklyn's POV

I walked out of the theater and got on the bus. My stomach still has butterflies; I'm so nervous. Justin said that I did really well. Does that mean that I will be the opening act? I can only hope.

When I got home, I threw my bag on the floor and changed into workout clothes. I put my hair into a messy bun and headed for the gym. I put in my headphones and walked down the street.

My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out and didn't recognize the number. I answered it hesitantly.

"Hello, Miss Stevens, this is Pattie Mallette. I am calling to talk to you about the audition you had earlier." My heart started beating really fast. Does this mean I am the one? "We would like you to come back to the theater, so we can tell all the people who tried out at once who will be the opening act." Oh... so I might not have. They just wanted everyone there.

"Sure, I'll come back. What time do I need to be there?"

"Can you meet us here within the hour?"

"Yes, of course Ms. Mallette."

"See you there, sweetheart."

"Bye," I hung up, felling slightly disappointed. I figured they would have good news and that's why they were calling me at this time. I still have a chance; they could still tell everyone that I will be the opening act, it's just less of a chance.

I turned around and walked back to my apartment. So much for working out today. I got dressed in a more casual outfit than earlier.

I curled my hair loosely and put on more of a natural looking makeup. I checked the time and decided to drive there this time.

I parked my car and sat there for a minute to calm my nerves. Finally, I walked through the double doors.

There wasn't anyone in the theater, so I figured I was the first one to show up. I sat down in one of the chairs and waited for someone else to show up. After about ten minutes, I started to get scared. Maybe no one else is coming. Maybe it wasn't really Pattie and I was going to be murdered. Shut up, Brook, I told myself. Stop worrying, nothing's wrong, I tried reassuring myself. I walked around the room, trying to calm myself down.

Still nobody showed up. I was walking towards the doors when I heard someone behind me. I turned around.

"Ahem," Justin cleared his throat. "Hey Brook." He smiled wide. He pulled up a chair on the stage. "Well come on, sit," he pointed to the seat. I slowly walked up the stairs and threw my bag on the floor.

"What the hell Justin? I thought everyone was going to be here. Then, I show up and absolutely no one is here. Then, you come out here and simply tell me to sit. No explanation?" I asked.

"Well, I was going to explain everything, but you talk too much. Sit down and shut up for a second Brook," he said smirking. He wasn't mad or anything, he just knew he held something over my head and he could say whatever he wants because I wanted an explanation out of him. He didn't have to tell me anything, so I had to obey him. 

Instead, I crossed my arms. "If you're not going to tell me anything then I'm leaving."

"I said I'm going to tell you. It'll probably benefit you if you sit though. You might pass out," Justin said motioning to the seat, so I'd sit. "For fucks sake, Brook, why are you making this more difficult than it has to be?"

I shrugged my shoulders and sat down, smirking. He let out a sigh and walked over to the side of the chair. He motioned for someone to come out from behind the curtain. Out came the whole crew. I almost peed myself, like when I walked into the room and saw who the judges were. I acted like I didn't care, so Justin wouldn't think I was crazy like the others, but on the inside I was dying that Justin was actually talking to me.

"Hello, Miss Stevens," Pattie smiled. "Or can we call you Brooklyn?"

"You can call me Brook, Brooklyn, Miss Stevens, anything you want," I replied.

"We'll go with Brook, it's easier," Chaz laughed.

"Okay, to explain why you're here," Scooter started. "We have some great news."

"Okay," I mumbled, waiting for him to continue.

"We have made a decision, Brook," Justin said. Will he just get to the point? "We want you to be my opening act!" Justin said excitedly. Ryan and Chaz threw streamers everywhere and hollered and cheered. 

My heart fell into my stomach and my whole body was tingling. That was the best thing anyone has ever said to me. Ohmigod, I'm going on tour with Justin Bieber! I have to say something, anything. Nothing came to mind; I just sat there with a huge smile plastered across my face, looking like an idiot. I wasn't able to say anything, my brain went into overload.

"I told you, you'd need to sit," Justin laughed. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him, enveloping him in a hug.

"Thank you, thank you so much," I stared crying. Justin pulled away from me and his face fell.

"Hey, don't cry," he said wiping my tears away.

"No, these are happy tears," I said smiling. He smiled again and I went over and hugged Pattie and Scooter.

"Where's my hug?" Chaz pouted. I laughed and hugged him.

"Well, you need to start rehearsing and getting ready for the performance," Scooter said. I smiled and nodded my head happily.


Justin's POV

"Well you better get home," I said to Brook. "You've got a long day tomorrow. Rehearsals from ten to two then lunch and then rehearsals, again, from four to six. The big day is coming up fast and we need to be ready."

She nodded her head and turned to leave. Once she was gone, Scooter walked over to me.

"She does know that she's only performing for this one show in Atlanta, right?"

"About that, Scooter..." I trailed off. "I was thinking she could be the opening act for the whole tour. I mean, we can find other people, also, but can't she be at least one?" I asked scratching the back of my neck nervously.

'It's your call Bieber. If you want her to come, I guess we can make arrangements," Scooter smiled.

"Really? You're being serious? It was that easy?" I asked happily. He nodded his head and went to talk to my mom about it.

"You only want her to come on tour because you like her," Fredo smiled nodding his head. 

"No, I think she's a great performer," I smiled, giving myself away.


Tomorrow is our first concert in Atlanta. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. We have been practicing like crazy and Brooklyn is starting to understand the true meaning of hectic. These last couple of days have been packed of vocal lessons, rehearsals, and then more rehearsals. That seems to be my life at the time; wake up, go to rehearsals, eat lunch, rehearse more, go out to dinner with the crew, then off to bed, same process every day. Yesterday was the only we had off to rest. Today we are running through every song once and then resting for the big day tomorrow.

"We have dress rehearsal tomorrow at one, sound check at three, meet and greet at five, and then concert at eight. You better get all the rest you need because tomorrow is officially the first day of your tour," Scooter said over the phone. "Bye kiddo."

"See ya Scoot," I said hanging up. I've been laying in bed all day, doing absolutely nothing. I checked Twitter and then fell asleep peacefully.


Hello :)) I hope you like it! It's not that good, but I needed to update and get the big news out. I was going to add things about the concert, but figured it'd make it too long. Another chapter coming your way soon!

Oh, and if you're on the app on your phone or iPod, I'm sorry if words are like merged together. I read it on my iPod to see how it looked and there were a lot of words like that, but when I look on my computer, nothing is wrong, there is spaces in between words. So sorry if that's happening to you, idk why it's like that.

Love you!!!!!

-ROSE! :)

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