Cinderella's Sister

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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 20 Jan 2014
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Cinderella's Sister; Kim and Louis has been lovers since they're teen years, but things changed when Kim's father Blake remarries to Deborah, who has a daughter name Eleanor, a year older than Kim. Deborah loved Kim, but once Eleanor moved in, things started to change. Deborah abused Kim and Eleanor soon joined in with her mother. They did all they could to make Kim and Louis separate. Once Louis board out of the Country to the US. Kim is tortured by her evil stepmother and stepsister while her father is always away at work. Six years later, Louis returns to London, and with no further ado, Kim vanishes from Louis just a split second after they see eachother. Three years later, Louis comes across Kim, but somehow, she doesn't remember him. Read on and see if Louis and Kim will reunite or will they forever be lost together.


23. Wish Granted

(The Next Day) 

Blake: *walks to the livingroom* 

Deborah: My daughter, today could have been her wedding. Has she called you? She hasn't called me yet. 

Blake: Forget your daughter! 

Deborah: *pushes blake* How dare you! She's my daughter! Didn't she mean anything to you! 

Blake: *pushes Deborah* How about my daughter! Didn't she mean anything to you! 

Cops: Deborah Adams, you are under arrest.  

Deborah: What? 

Cops: We identified that you were the one that sold the original paintings and the duplicating them and selling them to your son. 

Deborah: *runs* 

Cops: *catches Deborah*  

Blake: Take her away officers. 

Deborah: *screams* 

Zayn: So you said only a deceased person can donate their eyes? 

Dr. Blair: Yes. 

Zayn: *smiles* 

(Later That Day) 

Zayn: *sitting in the car* Kim... you're finally gonna get to see the world again, you're finally gonna get your wish to see Louis again. *thinks of the memories* 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* I'll be there at 7:30. 

Zayn: Because I don't like to lose... I want to win. 

Kim: Are you almost done yet? 

Zayn: *holds up the drawing* 

Kim: *shocked* It's not even the picture. 

Zayn: This award is dedicated to you! *smiles* 

Kim: *gets embarrassed* 

Zayn: *laughs* Oh Kim, you were the only one that made me smile and laugh. Your wish is about to come true. *steps on the gas and covers his eyes with his hands* 

Kim: *wakes up crying* Zayn! Zayn! 

Louis: *wakes up* What happened? 

Kim: I had a dream about Zayn. 

Louis: *phone rings* Hello? You did? Ok, we're on our way. Kim, we have some eyes for you. 

Dr. Blair: We will be really careful and try to hurry the operation. 

Louis: *smiles* Thank you. Kim, it's gonna be ok, I'm here. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Nurses: *pushes kim to the operation room* 

Cop 1: Louis Tomlinson? 

Louis: Yeah? 

Cop 1: Do you know anyone of the name Zayn Malik? 

Louis: Yes. 

Cop 1: He asked to be sent here, he donated his eyes to Kimberly Adams, is that your wife? 

Louis: *heart drops*Where is he? 

Cop 1: In the mortuary room. 

Louis: *takes the letter and reads it* 

Zayn: Hello Mr. Louis Tomlinson, as you are reading this, I am already on my way to the stairways of heaven. Please take good care of Kim for me. She was the only one that really made me smile and happy. When I was down, she was there to put a smile on my face. She was the only one who said happy birthday to me and was my only friend. My only favor I can return to her is donating my eyes to her. Her wish was to see you again and I've done that favor for her. *stops reading and runs to the mortuary room* 

Zayn: *laying on carrier* 

Louis: *sees zayn and cries his heart out* Why?! Why do this for Zayn! *cries more* Why! 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Kim: *wakes up* 

Louis: You're up. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: Let me go get Dr. Blair. 

Dr. Blair: Are you ready? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dr. Blair: *slowly removes the bandage covers* 

Kim: *slowly opens her eyes* 

Louis: *staring at kim in tears* 

Kim: *sees Louis* Louis. 

Louis: *smiles in tears and hugs kim* Can you see. 

Kim: *cries* I can see you again Louis. I thought I would never see you. 

Louis: *hugs kim tighter* 

Kim: *hugs Louis back*

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