Cinderella's Sister

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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 20 Jan 2014
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Cinderella's Sister; Kim and Louis has been lovers since they're teen years, but things changed when Kim's father Blake remarries to Deborah, who has a daughter name Eleanor, a year older than Kim. Deborah loved Kim, but once Eleanor moved in, things started to change. Deborah abused Kim and Eleanor soon joined in with her mother. They did all they could to make Kim and Louis separate. Once Louis board out of the Country to the US. Kim is tortured by her evil stepmother and stepsister while her father is always away at work. Six years later, Louis returns to London, and with no further ado, Kim vanishes from Louis just a split second after they see eachother. Three years later, Louis comes across Kim, but somehow, she doesn't remember him. Read on and see if Louis and Kim will reunite or will they forever be lost together.


1. Welcome To The Adams, But Excuse You!

Kim: *playing with Louis in the sand by the beach* 

Louis: *smudges mud over kims face* 

Kim: *runs after Louis* 

Louis: *tackles kim and chases after her* 

Kim: Dad! Help me!  

Blake: Hurry come over here. 

Kim: *runs and hides behind blake/narrates* I love my father as much as Louis. I live with my father in a house at the ocean shore. After my father buried my mother in the ocean, he built this house because he did not want to leave her side. My mother died from cancer when I was 13. Louis on the other hand, lost his father when he was 15 due to the same reason. I love both my father and Louis a lot. 

Blake: *kisses Deborah* 

Kim: *narrating* My father is currently dating the beautiful Deborah, who was a former model when she was younger. I've never seen him so happy since my mother was here. I hope he marries her and find love again, he's a good man. 

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Kim: *smiles* Congrats on the wedding dad. *hugs blake* 

Blake: *hugs kim back* Thank you sweetheart* 

Deborah: *chuckles* Aw, you are so sweet Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm glad to have you as my new mother. 

Deborah: I am more than happy to call you my daughter. *smiles*  

Kim: *smiles/narrates* Ever since my father remarried, we left the beach house and moved into a private house in the city. I miss our home a lot, but I'll always find time to go and visit the house. 

(Two Months Later) 

Deborah: Honey, let's go shopping together. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok mom. 

Deborah: Johanna and Louis are coming over later for dinner, will you help me cook dinner? 

Kim: Of course mom. *smiles* I would love to help you. 

Deborah: *smiles and hugs kim* Thank you honey. 

(Later That Night) 

Johanna: Louis is gonna go study aboard in the USA soon, is Kim going with him? 

Blake: *looks at kim* I don't think I want her to go yet, she's still young. 

Kim: No! Dad, I have to go with Louis! We promised we would go together, you can't make me stay. 

Deborah: Honey, if she wants to go, I think she can go. *smiles* 

Blake: Do you really want to go sweetheart? 

Kim: Dad please! Don't let me stay behind, I don't want to. 

Blake: Ok, then maybe you can go. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you dad. 

Louis: I'll make sure Kim will be ok and I'll take care of her Mr. Adams. 

Blake: I'm counting on you son. 

Louis: *smiles* You can count on me. 

Blake: Ok. 

(Five Months Later) 

Eleanor: *knocks on the door* 

Deborah: I got it. *opens the door* Eleanor? What are you doing here? 

Eleanor: Mom! Please take me in, I can't live with dad any long! I hate living with him! 

Blake: Who's that? 

Deborah: *fakes a smile* This is Eleanor, my daughter Blake. 

Blake: Oh? Hello sweetheart. 

Eleanor: Please let me stay here! I have nowhere to go! I can't stay with my father anymore, I have to stay here. Please let me stay here! 

Blake: Yes, you can honey, make yourself at home. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi, I'm Kim Adams, welcome home sister. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *looks at kim in a ugly way* 

Deborah: You can share a room with Kim, Kim please lead her the way. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Eleanor: This is my room? 

Kim: *smiles* This is our room Eleanor, if you don't like anything, feel free to rearrange it ok.  

Eleanor: I hate this room. 

Kim: *stands in silence* Oh, well we can change it how you want it tomorrow. *smiles* 

Eleanor: You're annoying. *walks off to her bed*  

Kim: *fakes a smile* The towels and pjs are in the closest, mine is to the right. 

Eleanor: *looks at the left side* I like these. 

Kim: Those are mine, but if you want to wear them, you can wear them. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *looks at kim and rolls her eyes* 

Kim: *gets offended* 

Deborah: It's night time, go to sleep you two. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, goodnight mom. 

Deborah: *smiles* Goodnight Kim. *angry tone* Goodnight Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *annoyed tone* Goodnight. *pulls the covers over her*

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