Cinderella's Sister

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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 20 Jan 2014
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Cinderella's Sister; Kim and Louis has been lovers since they're teen years, but things changed when Kim's father Blake remarries to Deborah, who has a daughter name Eleanor, a year older than Kim. Deborah loved Kim, but once Eleanor moved in, things started to change. Deborah abused Kim and Eleanor soon joined in with her mother. They did all they could to make Kim and Louis separate. Once Louis board out of the Country to the US. Kim is tortured by her evil stepmother and stepsister while her father is always away at work. Six years later, Louis returns to London, and with no further ado, Kim vanishes from Louis just a split second after they see eachother. Three years later, Louis comes across Kim, but somehow, she doesn't remember him. Read on and see if Louis and Kim will reunite or will they forever be lost together.


19. The Break Up

Hair Salon: What would you like to do with your hair? 

Kim: I want you to make it pretty. 

Hair Salon: Special date? 

Kim: No, I'm gonna break up with my boyfriend today. *gets sad* 

Hair Salon: Oh? Ok. *smiles and fixes kims hair* 

Kim: *walks into louis's office* 

Louis: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: I miss mom, can we go visit her today? 

Louis: Um, I'm kind of busy right now. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles sad* It's ok, I can take the bus. *walks off* 

Louis: *gets up* Wait! I'll take you, c'mon. 

Kim: *smiles* 

(Arrives At The Beach House) 

Kim: Louis. 

Louis: Yeah? 

Kim: *smiles* Can you spend the night here with me. 

Louis: Um, I don't know, but I can stay here with you tonight. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and hugs Louis* Thank you. 

Louis: *holding kims hand and walking on the shore* 

Kim: *jumps on louis's back* Carry me to the house. 

Louis: How much do you weight?! You're so heavy now. 

Kim: *slaps Louis on the arm* 

Louis: *laughs and carries kim to the house* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: Are you sleeping? 

Louis: Hmm? 

Kim: Nevermind, go to sleep. 

Louis: *half asleep* Ok. 

Kim: *cries silently* 


Louis: *wakes up to an empty bed side with a note/reads the note* 

Kim: As you are reading this, I've already left. Yesterday was our last time together, don't look for me anymore, you're gonna get married to Eleanor, I'm gonna go find Zayn and stay with him. Be happy and don't worry too much about me, I'll be ok. Take care. Kim. 

Louis: *runs out the house and looks for kim* 

Kim: *hiding by the corner looking at Louis* 

Louis: *hops in the car and drives off* 

Kim: *steps out* Louis! *cries* I'm sorry Louis, I really am. I can't be with you anymore. *walks back into the house and cries on the piano* 

Zayn: *puts his arm on kims shoulder* 

Kim: *turns around* 

Zayn: *smiles* So you're here. 

Kim: What are you doing here? Leave me alone! 

Zayn: I'm staying here, we don't even have to talk or look at eachother. 

Kim: *crying* I said leave me alone! 

Zayn: I can't, I need a place to draw and I want it to be here. 

Kim: Fine! I'll leave! *gets up and trips over the table* 

Zayn: *startled* Kim! *helps kim* Are you ok? 

Kim: *pushes zayn* Don't touch me! *cries* 

Zayn: What's wrong? Why are you wearing glasses Kim? 

Kim: Truth, is I can't see any more Zayn. *crying* I'm scared, I'm scared to be alone in the dark. 

Zayn: *pulls kim and hugs her* 

Kim: *crying hard* I'm scared I won't get to see Louis's face anymore, I just want to see him, I want to see him so bad Zayn. I don't want to lose him. 

Zayn: *cries* 

Kim: *crying*  

(The Next Day) 

Kim: What are you drawing? 

Zayn: Um, just a picture, I have to give to someone. 

Kim: Someone? Can you draw me a picture? One where I'm in the sky with the angels? 

Zayn: Why would you want me to draw something like that for you! 

Kim: *cries*  

Zayn: Are you stupid! *cries*  

Kim: *runs off* 

Zayn: *feels bad* 

Kim: *goes to a payphone to call Louis* 

Louis: Hello, this is Louis Tomlinson. 

Kim *on the phone on silence* 

Louis: Kim? Is this you? 

Kim: *cries silently* 

Louis: Where are you Kim? Kim, tell me, where are you? 

Kim: *hangs up the phone and kneels to her knees crying* 

Louis: *looks at the area code/runs to his car* 

Kim: *walks back to the house* 

Zayn: *pretends to be blind* 

Kim: *sees a blur of zayn* 

Zayn: *pushes the sofa* 

Kim: Stop! Louis might come here and if he sees the furniture moved, he's gonna suspect something. *fixes the furniture* 

Louis: *pulls up* 

Zayn: Um, stay right here ok? I'm gonna go out real quick, I'll be back. 

Kim: Don't go too long please, 

Zayn: Ok, stay here, don't move. 

Kim: Ok. 

Zayn: *runs off* 

Louis: *closes his car door* 

Kim: *hears and slowly crawls to the closet and hides* 

Louis: *walks in the house and looks around* 

Kim: *breathing hard* 

Louis: *play the fray on the piano* 

Kim: Louis? *opens the door a little to look at the piano* 

Louis: *stops playing the piano and closes it* 

Kim: *quickly closes the door* 

Louis: *walks towards the closet* Kim, if you're not here then where are you? *looks around again and then leaves* 

Kim: Louis? *runs out the closet* Louis! 

Louis: *drives off* 

Kim: *runs out the house* Louis! *cries* Louis! Louis! *cries more* Louis! *crying* 

Zayn: *runs to kim* Kim! Kim. 

Kim: *grabs onto zayn* Zayn, I want to see Louis, I really want to see him. *crying* 

Zayn: *cries* C'mon, let's go inside. I have to go drop off the portrait. 

Kim: You're leaving me? 

Zayn: No, I'll back Kim, I'm gonna go real quick only. 

Kim: Don't go for so long please. 

Zayn: I won't. 

Kim: I don't want to be alone, please don't go forever ok. 

Zayn: I promise. *leaves* 

Kim: Hurry back! 

Zayn: Ok! *runs off* 

Kim: *goes back in the house* 

Dealer: Is the portrait ruined? 

Zayn: Why don't you look for yourself. 

Dealer: I believe you, we should trust eachother. *hands the $20 million briefcase to zayn* 

Zayn: *takes the briefcase* 

Dealer: *walks off* 

Cops: Hey! Stop right there! 

Dealer: *gets captured* 

Cops: Zayn Malik! 

Zayn: *scared/runs off* 

Cops: *runs after zayn* 

Zayn: *hides/calls kim* 

Kim: Are you here yet? 

Zayn: I'll be there shortly, I'm on my way ok. 

Kim: Ok, hurry back, I'm scared. 

Cops: Hey! 

Zayn: *hangs up and runs/gets trapped* 

Cops: *put your hands up* 

Zayn: Please! I have someone waiting for me! She needs me and my help! 

Cops: Sorry, you have to go with us. *puts zayn in the cop car* 

Kim: *walks outside to look for Zayn/calls him* 

Voicemail: I'm sorry, the number you called is unavailable right now, please call back later. 

Kim: *cries* Zayn. 

Louis: *sitting in his office* 

Zayn: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello. 

Zayn: Can you come and help bail me. 

Louis: *runs to his car* 

Zayn: Listen to me Zayn, right now Kim is not the same anymore. 

Louis: You were with her? 

Zayn: Yes, but she needs help the most right now. 

Louis: Where is she?! 

Zayn: *cries* Louis, Kim has eye cancer now, I can't be there for her, please go to the beach house and help her for me. 

Louis: *hurt/gets up and leaves*

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