Cinderella's Sister

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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 20 Jan 2014
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Cinderella's Sister; Kim and Louis has been lovers since they're teen years, but things changed when Kim's father Blake remarries to Deborah, who has a daughter name Eleanor, a year older than Kim. Deborah loved Kim, but once Eleanor moved in, things started to change. Deborah abused Kim and Eleanor soon joined in with her mother. They did all they could to make Kim and Louis separate. Once Louis board out of the Country to the US. Kim is tortured by her evil stepmother and stepsister while her father is always away at work. Six years later, Louis returns to London, and with no further ado, Kim vanishes from Louis just a split second after they see eachother. Three years later, Louis comes across Kim, but somehow, she doesn't remember him. Read on and see if Louis and Kim will reunite or will they forever be lost together.


24. Goodbye

(The Next Week) 

Kim: *throwing up* 

Louis: Are you ok? 

Kim: *tired* I'm really tired today Louis. 

Louis: *carries kim and puts her in the car* 

Dr. Blair: The cancer has already gone into her brain. 

Louis: Is there a way we can have a surgery done for it? 

Dr. Blair: I don't know. 

Louis: I'll give you all the money I have if you just help her. *tries not to cry* 

Dr. Blair: What I mean is, even if we do, it's still gonna kill her. 

Louis: *cries* 

Kim: *waiting for Louis* 

Louis: *walks to kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: *forces a smile* 

Kim: Let's go to the amusement park today. 

Louis: No, let's get you rested in bed instead yeah? 

Kim: *makes a sad face* 

Louis: I don't want you to risk your life. 

Kim: I'll be fine Louis. 

Louis: No, you're not gonna be fine! *cries* You'll never be fine again Kim! *cries more* 

Kim: *cries* 

(A Few Days Later) 

Kim: *goes to visit Deborah* 

Deborah: Sweetheart, please let me out, I have to get to my daughter. She needs me. 

Kim: *cries* Mom, please go back home and take of my father and be good to him. I don't have long to live anymore and I can't be there for him any longer. Please be a better person from now on and be kind. Don't cause any more trouble for you guys please. 

Deborah: *walks off* 

Kim: *slowly walks to the car* 

Cop 2: *brings Eleanor to the room* 

Kim: *sitting on the other side* 

Eleanor: Why are you here? 

Kim: I came to see you for the last time Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *cries* Don't you hate me? 

Kim: *cries* I should, but I don't want to carry it with me when I die. 

Eleanor: *cries more* You really are a stupid girl you know that. 

Kim: *chuckles in tears* And you really are a bad girl. *cries* 

Eleanor: Kim, deep in my heart... I am truly sorry. 

Kim: *cries* I forgive you Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *cries* I really am. 

Cop 2: C'mon, time's up. 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Kim: *looks at Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *gets up* I'm sorry sister. 

Kim: *cries silently* 

Eleanor: *wipes her tears* I'm sorry. *leaves*  

Louis: *drives kim to the beach* 

Kim: *getting weaker* 

Louis: Please stay awake Kim, we're almost there. Don't you close your eyes now or ever. 

Kim: I'm tired and weak babe. 

Louis: *cries* Don't! *cries more* 

Kim: *breaths harder* 

Louis: *pulls up and carried kim to the shore* 

Kim: *sits between louis's legs* 

Louis: *cuddles kim from behind* Please don't leave me Kim. 

Kim: *tired* Louis, I'm really tired right now. I want to close my eyes just for a second. 

Louis: No. I love you Kim. 

Kim: I love you too Louis. 

Louis: *cries* 

Kim: *closes her eyes and slowly dies* 

Louis: *cries harder* Goodbye Kim. *stays cuddling kim for a bit*

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