Say You Love Me [The Creatures Fanfic]

Kevin Cardona aka capnnova is the new creature in the house, the first official female creature. Of course shes excited, but also nervous for the future. She had always thought she was totally in love with Aleks, from the very beginning. But that takes a hard turn when something happens between her and James at Comic Con. She begins to have on going feelings for him. And for a long time she tries her best to hide it, just acting like a good friend around him and the others. Thats until James begins to gain feelings for her as well. But his scared to fall head over heels for her. His partly scared of Kevin's older brother, Eddie aka Sly's reaction. Scared of how him and Kevin will end up. And Kevin tries her best to be cool with it. Will James get over his fear or will he lose the only girl who really understands him forever?


1. Welcome to the Creatures, Kevin

hey guys! capn here! sooo, I decided to make a cute little creature fanfic for ya'll. by the way, I'm just getting the hang of writing fanfics, so please bare with me! 

This fanfic is based off a active Creature Hub roleplay on between me and my best [internet] friend. she plays James and I play Kevin [my fan-made character]. And we thought it would be cute to make "Jevin". So I decided to make a fanfic about it. 

This fanfic not only includes The Creatures but other YouTubers as well. Including in the future; H20 Delirious, Vanoss, Lui Calibre, Fourzer0seven, Daithi De Nogla, Basicallyidowrk, Mini Ladd, Piddleass, and TheZombiUnicorn... more may be added later on. So. This is like a gaint fanfic I suppose. xD 

Please note: There is swearing in this fanfic, and later on make outs. Most likely no sex scenes. xD I'm sorry, I just feel awkward typing that stuff out... but who knows. I may change my mind later on. So for now, this fanfic is rated PG. 

without further notes. ENJOY. c:


**Kevin's POV**

   I smiled shyly as my brother, Eddie, took my hands and started dancing us around. I giggled a little as I listened to him sing, "Yay, yay, yay. My little sister is a creaaaatureeee!". Yes, I was a new creature. The first official female creature actually. Weird, huh? I thought the same thing at first. But here I was, standing in the middle of the creature house, stumbling up the stairs with Eddie who was pulling me up there. I sighed as I followed him into a nice room, my office/ bedroom I guess. I set my backpack down, looking around. I looked at the neat bed, the desk which would be used for my computer, and the dresser. "And heres your office, or bedroom. Whatever," Eddie chirped happily. I nodded, giving him a pleased smile. "Well. I'll see you later, make yourself at home. I gotta go and meet somebody," Eddie said. He gave me a quick hug and goodbye kiss on the cheek before he jogged out of the room. I huffed out a breath, taking a look around. I spun on my heels before walking out of the room, and into the hallway. And of course I wasn't paying any attention because BOOM. I felt myself stop aburtly and run into somebody else. Someone taller, and more muscular. I gasped in surprise, but managed to keep my balance. "S-sorry I wasn't-" I quickly cut myself off once I realized who it was. James aka Nova. I felt my face burn in embarrassment. I swallowed nervously, gaping, trying to get my voice to come back but it wouldn't. I felt my knees get weak when he gave a small smile. "Its fine. Your Eddie's little sister, right?" he asked. I nodded, "Uh. Yeah... Kevins the name," I somehow said, slowly gaining my voice back. "Kevin? Isn't that a dudes name?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah.. kinda. My real name is Mckenna. But I hate that name, so everybody just calls me Kevin," I shrugged in reply. "Alright.... Kev. I'll see you around then. By the way, welcome to The Creatures," he said before putting his hands in his pockets and walking off. Once he was out of sight, I nearly screamed in excitement. Did I really just talk to JAMES WILSON?! "Ok, Kevin. Calm down. Stop fangirling. Your his coworker now.." I told herself under my breath. I couldn't help but smile before I ran down the stairs.

  As I walked into the kitchen, I walked past Jordan. "Oh! Kevin," he said, noticing me. I stopped and looked over at him, returning him a small smile. "Hey," I murmured. "Welcome! I'm glad you made it here safe from Pennsylvania," he said. I nodded, "Thanks..". "So, like it here so far?" he asked curiously. I glanced around, "Oh, totally. The beautiful mountains and city. Love it," I replied firmly. He smiled brightly in reply. "Oh, yeah. So make yourself at home. Help yourself to drinks and food," he finally said before walking out of the kitchen. I pressed my lips together, looking at the fridge before opening it and looking inside. I smirked, there sure was a lot of beer in here. Lucky I just turned the legal age. But instead of getting beer, I took a simple Mountain Dew. I closed the fridge, opening the soda. I gasped in surprise when I was hugged from behind, a tight grip around my waist as I was lifted up from the ground a little. I squealed, almost dropping and spilling my drink everywhere. As soon as I felt someone nuzzle into my neck, feeling a hot breath go down my neck, I knew exactly who it was. "Aleks! Put me down before I drop this!" I snapped. He laughed, putting me down like told. I set my drink down on the counter and turned to face the cute boy. I smiled happily before jumping into his hug. "Ooooh, its so good to see you again girlie.." he murmured, hugging me tight. "I know. I've missed you soooo much," I replied, snuggling into his hug. We finally pulled apart, giving each other friendly smiles. Wow. I hadn't realized how much I've missed the Russian boy. Of course me and Aleks knew each other already, him and my older brother are like brothers. "Don't cry!" he laughed, seeing my eyes tear up a little. I smiled, shaking my head as I tried to blink the tears from my eyes. "I'm just so glad to see you," I sniffled. "I know, I know. Me to," he murmured softly, leaning forward and kissing my forehead lightly. "Have you met the a**hole yet?" he smirked. I laughed a little, "Uh. You mean James?" I asked. He nodded, turning as James entered the room. "Speak of the devil......" he murmured. James raised an eyebrow at the both of us. I couldn't help but let a small giggle escape past my lips. He flipped us the bird before walking between us and to the fridge, opening it. Once he closed it, having a Dr.Pepper in his hand, he turned back to us. "So. Ya'll dating or something? CapnImmortal?" he asked, smirking. I blushed deeply, letting my gaze drop the ground. Aleks shook his head, "Oh, no. Just really good friends. Shes free, James," he replied, flashing a teasing smirk at the both of us. That made me and James blush. "Screw off Aleks. I barely know her," he muttered, taking a drink of his soda. Aleks shrugged, "Your choice. Shes a pretty cool girl," Aleks continued, patting my shoulder. I shot him a look, Aleks just shrugged again. 


**James's POV**

  I sighed heavily, slightly annoyed with Aleks smart-alek love comments. I glanced at Kevin, who was looking down at the ground shyly. I had to admit, she wasn't to bad looking. She was actually really cute. But I had thought her and Aleks were together, considering the way they act toward each other. But guess not. Oh, whatever. I don't have time for relationships anyway. "Whatever," is all I replied with before I pushed past the two again and up the stairs. I silently walked into my office, glancing at Ein as she boredly chewed on one of her chew toys. I smiled a little at the corgi before sitting at my computer, setting my soda down.  I turned back to my computer, continuing my never ending video editing.

**Kevin's POV**

  Well. That was awkward. But it wasn't my fault, it was Aleks's! Great, now James it probably gonna avoid me. Nice way to make a  good friendship, Kev. I huffed out a breath before walking into my bedroom, taking a sip of my soda. I sat at my bed after throwing my backpack on it. I sat my soda on the nightstand next to me, zipping open my small bag. I yawned a little as I pulled out my lap top, opening it and turning it on. I glanced at my bedroom door, deciding to just keep it open since I was to lazy to get up and shut it. After a few minutes, my lap top finally finished loading and I was able to get on the internet. Wow, it seems like days since I've been connected. I quickly went onto my Twitter, already logged on. I smiled a little at all my fans' tweets to me. Some congratulating me on being a creature, others wishing good luck. I sighed a little at the tweets from some fans that thought it would be funny to make little jokes about me getting it on with one of the creatures. Mostly me and Aleks or me and James. I just simply shrugged it off. I didn't care much about me being shipped. Once I finished replying to a few fans, a few replies to friends and all I shut my lap top and sat it on the nightstand after plugging in the charger. I checked the time, 9:10pm. Damn. Talk about time flying by. I lazily took my cookie monster pajama pants out from my bag, quickly stripping my dark grey short jeans off. I left my spankies on as I slipped in the pajamas, keeping my original shirt on. I yawned before snuggling under the covers. I hadn't realized how tired I was until I was under those covers. I yawned before letting my eyes shut, a deep sleep taking me over. But before I drifted off, I couldn't help but let my thinking trail off to how I reacted how Aleks's little joke about me being free for James. Why exactly did I get all shy and red after that? Must be a little habit of mine I guess. 



well. I hope ya'll enjoyed the first chapter. please excuse any spelling mistakes, ect. don't be afraid to make suggestions! c: I encourage it. 

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