Say You Love Me [The Creatures Fanfic]

Kevin Cardona aka capnnova is the new creature in the house, the first official female creature. Of course shes excited, but also nervous for the future. She had always thought she was totally in love with Aleks, from the very beginning. But that takes a hard turn when something happens between her and James at Comic Con. She begins to have on going feelings for him. And for a long time she tries her best to hide it, just acting like a good friend around him and the others. Thats until James begins to gain feelings for her as well. But his scared to fall head over heels for her. His partly scared of Kevin's older brother, Eddie aka Sly's reaction. Scared of how him and Kevin will end up. And Kevin tries her best to be cool with it. Will James get over his fear or will he lose the only girl who really understands him forever?


3. Tuesday Stream

 **Kevin's POV**

"Kevin!!" Jordan yelled, knocking on my door. "God damn nit Hordan...." I growled under my breath, letting my computer chair slid back before standing up. I walked over to my door and opened it, glaring at Jordan. "What?" I asked. "Aleks won't be able to make the stream with James," he said. I raised an eyebrow, "Sooo...?" I asked. Jordan sighed, "You have to fill in for him!" he told me. "Excuse me?!" I glared. "We talked about this Kev in the last meeting. You're the substitute of James and Aleks if either is out," he reminded me. I thought back to the last week's meeting, when Jordan and Dan started announcing stream substitutes. "Shit," I spoke up, remembering me taking Aleks and James's spots. "uh, yeah. Give me a few minutes to get ready, I'll meet James in the stream room...." I muttered. He nodded before I closed my door. "Great...." I muttered, walking over to my dresser. I mean seriously, I was still in my PJ's. I went through my drawer before pulling out a pair of my short white jean shorts and grabbing my long Call of Duty: Ghost tank top from my closest. I hurried to my bathroom, quickly slipping out of my fuzzy pj pants and spaghetti strap and replacing it with the shorts and tank top. I smoothed out my shirt, the shirt almost long enough to cover up my shorts. I hummed  a song softly to myself as I applied a little make up then straightened out my long brown and blonde hair. I decided not to put on any shoes and just keep my socks on, I mean, where can me and James possibly go with a stream? I put my black beanie on, grabbed my Monster energy and made my way to the stream room. "I'm hereeeee," I sang as I walked in, seeing James sitting at the computer. "About time!" he said, turning to me. "Oh please," I said, rolling my eyes at him before sitting in the chair next to him. "Starting in 1....2....3," he said before starting the stream. "Hey guys!" I watched as the chat box flooded with "Where Aleks?" "Is that Kevin?!" "Aw, they look so cute together!" "Why did you start late?". "Sorry for starting late.... little miss take forever over here held us up," James joked. "Whatever! Not my fault Hordan told me last minute!" I recalled. "Uh huh..." he laughed. 

  "So, what game are we playing?" I asked, watching him get up. "You'll see..." he snickered. I turned to the camera, making a scared face before smiling again. I chewed boredly on my bottom lip, waiting for James as he fumbled through some xbox games. "Here," he finally said, showing me a game. "You've gotta be kidding me, you seriously got that game?! I forgot about it..." I trailed off. I watched as he took it out of the case, sliding the disc into the xbox tray and closing it. I turned back to the camera, "ok, guys. This is an interesting game and I can't believe James got it. But, I have to admit I enjoy the TV series," I said to the stream. I coughed a little as the game started up, when the title screen came up James switched the stream window to the game, us in the corner. I smiled as the chat filled up with "OMFG SOUTH PARK." and "WHUT. SP." "alright ladies and gentlemen, lets play so good ol' south park," James announced happily. I whistled low, leaning back in my computer chair as James took the xbox control and clicked the start button on the game.

**an hour & half later**

  "James! Quit it!" I told him, pushing him away slightly. I tried my best to not let James squirt the white whipped cream on me, avoiding it at all cost. "You guys are traitors!" I shouted, the chat filling up with "do itttt!" "SPRAY IT!" and "WHIP CREEEEAM?!". Being the fact that James was clearly stronger then I, he managed to pull me into him and spray the white substance all over my hair and neck. I squealed at how cold it was and the fact it was going down my face and chest. "oh my gosh, I will murder you......" I told James, listening to his giggling fit. With a swift movement, I grabbed the whip cream bottle from him and sprayed the rest of it all over his head and shirt. "MOTHER-" he yelped. I had my revenge, I brusted out into laughter. "Fine, fine, fine. I got what I deserved..." he sighed. "What are you guys doing?!" Jordan asked as he brusted into the room, staring at the whipped cream mess. "Uh...." we both trailed off, I smiled innocently at him. He sighed heavily, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbed the whole roll of paper towels. "Clean," he ordered, tossing us the paper towels, James catching them. We watched as Jordan walked out before we continued with our giggling. I took the paper towels from him, tearing a few pieces off before beginning to clean the whipped cream off my beautiful hair-- well not so beautiful anymore. I watched as he also began to clean his own mess up. It took us a few more paper towels before the entire mess was picked up, and it also took a good ten to fifteen minutes. By now, we had ended a stream with a messy goodbye. "Now I understand why Aleks is always scared to stream with you," I teased him as I picked up the empty whipped cream can and tossed it in the garage can. "Oh really?" he asked, looking at me and raising an eyebrow. I nodded, "Yup. Cause you do the craziest things," I replied. "So does he," he snorted. I rolled my hairs playfully. "Well, I better head off. Eddie wants to meet up and talk soon," I said firmly. He nodded, opening his mouth to say something but stopped himself. I stared at him for a moment before breaking the silence, "I had a great time, James. Maybe we should do this more often," I told him sweetly. For a second, I saw his eyes light up but it diseappeared just as quick, "Yeah, maybe," he replied with a weak smile. I waved goodbye to the young man before walking out and up the stairs, to my bedroom. 


*note: I swear its been forever since I've updated. Soooo sorry. ;-; I've just been so sick and lazy lately, not to mention writers block. ugh. also, sorry for a somewhat short chapter. forgive me of any mistakes. 

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