Say You Love Me [The Creatures Fanfic]

Kevin Cardona aka capnnova is the new creature in the house, the first official female creature. Of course shes excited, but also nervous for the future. She had always thought she was totally in love with Aleks, from the very beginning. But that takes a hard turn when something happens between her and James at Comic Con. She begins to have on going feelings for him. And for a long time she tries her best to hide it, just acting like a good friend around him and the others. Thats until James begins to gain feelings for her as well. But his scared to fall head over heels for her. His partly scared of Kevin's older brother, Eddie aka Sly's reaction. Scared of how him and Kevin will end up. And Kevin tries her best to be cool with it. Will James get over his fear or will he lose the only girl who really understands him forever?


2. Truth or Dare?

*Kevin's POV*
  "Oh my gosh, screw you Aleks...." I laughed, taking a few steps away from him. "oops," he laughed. I rolled my eyes annoyingly at him, sighing at the soaked spot on my shirt, where Aleks had "accidently" split his soda on me. I walked a little ahead of him, walking up the creature house door. I turned the knob, opening the door and stepping inside. I looked up at James, Sly, and Natalie who were sitting in the living room. "OH GOODIE! Aleks and Kevin are here! they can join!" Sly shouted happily. "join what exactly?" Aleks asked before I could. "A good ol' game of truth or dare," Sly replied with a smirk. I sighed, about to protest but Aleks cut me off, "Sure dude. Come on Kev,". I closed my mouth before joining Aleks and the others for the game. I took a sit next to James, Aleks sitting next to Sly.

  Twenty minutes into this game, and its already weird. Aleks dared Sly to play nervous with Natalie, Sly asked James at what age did he lose his virginity and so on. I looked at my brother when he called my name, "Kevin, truth or dare?". I thought for a moment, truth or dare? I decided I've picked truth to many times already. "Dare.." I finally replied. As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Cause when I saw him grin evilish, I knew it was all bad. "I dare you to..." he trailed off, looking from me to James. I swallowed nervously. "Make out with James for 10 seconds and no breaking apart," he finally announced. "WHAT?!" James said in alarm. I groaned, shaking my head. Its not that I would mind kissing James, cause I wouldn't. I just didn't want things to go awkward. "Seriously?" I sighed, Sly nodded encouragingly. I looked at James who was obviously nervous. Aleks frowned, but tried to act cool about it. "Come ooooon," Sly whined. I rolled my eyes before grabbing the collar of James's shirt and pulling him toward me. I looked him in the eyes before gently pressing my lips against his. 1,2... I could feel him tense up a little before he had built up the courage to kiss me back. 3,4... I had let my eyes close during the kiss, maybe I was enjoying this to much..

**James's POV**

  WHAT IS HAPPENING?! first me and Kevin were dared to make out, next thing I know I'm kissing her! right there, right now. and holy shit, does she kiss good or what. I couldn't help but enjoy this. her soft lips against mine, the way our lips moved in sync together perfectly. 9,10.. before I knew we had broken apart. I knew right off the bat that I was blushing tons, and so was she. Sly was laughing, and he couldn't believe what we just did. Neither could I. It had happened so fast. To be honest, I was beginning to feel dizzy. maybe all the alcohol was finally effecting him. whatever. the game continued for the next fifteen minutes. there was awkwardness between me, Aleks, and Kevin. Although Sly and Natalie were being their usual selves.

**Kevin's POV**

  "Hey guys... its getting late.." I finally announced before standing up. I glanced out the window as the others agreed and got up. I pressed my lips together, watching the sky darken. "alright, I'll see you later sis," Sly said as he walked over and hugged me, I hugged him back. "Hey, I hope you don't mind the dare...." he whispered. I shook my head, glancing at James who was already going up to his room. "Its fine," I finally replied.

  I waved Aleks, Sly, and Natalie a goodbye before closing the front door. I looked upstairs, already knowing James had locked himself up in his bedroom. I shrugged it off, walking into the kitchen. I opened the freezer, taking the carton of vanilla bean ice cream and a spoon, walking back into the living room. I sat on the couch, cuddling into a blanket and turning the TV on watching some South Park while eating the ice cream quietly. I began to wonder into thoughts of the kiss, suddenly feeling guilty about it. thinking it was all a big mistake. I frowned, sighing. Maybe I can just play it off, saying I was slightly drunk or something. I shook my head, trying my best to forget it.


ahhhthat was out of nowhereby the waysorry for the short chapterthis was written on my tablet. and my tablet wasn't cooperating all that well. sorry for any spelling mistakes...blah.. blah.. superlazy.

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