Do i know?

(A story on quotev inspired a thank you goes to Scarlett author of 'my protecter')
Evie's team is the best in the agency, Eleanor, Perrie, Brooke, Mckayla and her make up Team 48...

Andy gets a message from Paul an "old friend" and the girls are any on a whirl wind of a mission.

**I can deactivate bombs and know how to kill a man 8 times my size 12 different ways with my hands but do i really know how to act as areal teenage girl? **


10. ////


First of all...I'm so sorry for the wait I was sick all this wreak and am still getting over it then my sister went to Washington (D.C.) and took my iPad with her... And so yeah but don't worry!!

Two: I will begin updating sooner and make them more recent

Three: I need someone to be a character I might need 1-2-3-4-5 people I'm not sure yet if your interested or know someone else who will be interested tell me your name, age, appearance (hair color,eye color etc) and a fun fact. I will choose in less than a week I'm hoping depending on how many people will be participating problem not many considering how many reads there right now... Anywho! Tell me what you thinks gonna happen or something I need stuff to do in my boringn life

Four: I almost forgot! Paul is their bodyguard still! I do know he is the tour manager so thank you if you were even thinking of correcting me on it...even though I already knew... It's a story and in story's anything can happen!

Keep reading lovelies!


-the next update will be tomorrow or Saturday! for sure!!

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