Do i know?

(A story on quotev inspired a thank you goes to Scarlett author of 'my protecter') ~~~ Evie's team is the best in the agency, Eleanor, Perrie, Brooke, Mckayla and her make up Team 48... Andy gets a message from Paul an "old friend" and the girls are any on a whirl wind of a mission. **I can deactivate bombs and know how to kill a man 8 times my size 12 different ways with my hands but do i really know how to act as areal teenage girl? **


11. :((I'l try later!!

I'm sorry I'll try to update later! The flipping iPad keeps deleting everything I write... Imma work on the chappy so it'll be fast to type though!!!i already have it planned in meh head!:•>

Shanks babes


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