Do i know?

(A story on quotev inspired a thank you goes to Scarlett author of 'my protecter')
Evie's team is the best in the agency, Eleanor, Perrie, Brooke, Mckayla and her make up Team 48...

Andy gets a message from Paul an "old friend" and the girls are any on a whirl wind of a mission.

**I can deactivate bombs and know how to kill a man 8 times my size 12 different ways with my hands but do i really know how to act as areal teenage girl? **


12. chappy 4

Perries P.O.V;

"Evie?" I asked shaking her "Evie?" *oh my god- I mumbled "EVIE" I shouted "it's time to get up get dressed and eat a pop tart or something and get in the jet we'll be waiting, Brooke's in the shower on the left" I said throwing off the covers "but...!" She started to protest before I pushed off the bed and threw her clothes on her head

~I really hate to do this whole describe the outfit thing but it'll make more sense later on~

•I was wearing black jeggings a gray beanie with curled hair a cream colored pull over sweater an diggs

•Eleanor is wearing a white shirt. With a tan/brown scarf, khaki skinny jeans and brown sandals

•Mckayla is wearing a black tank top, a cream colored (over sized) sweater, light blue, brown boots and a few bracelets

•Brooke is wearing a blue and black plead shirt, dark skinny jeans a black beanie, navy TOMS and glasses

•Evie is wearing a tank top under a blush pink, I love cats' sweatshirt with no hood... Lagging a and moccasins with a bow in her (normally straight) curled hair

~I really hate to do the 'I love cats' thing- and you may think it's because Harry, but it's not... I really do like cats more than any other house held animals... Even though my favorite animals are giraffes ^FUN FACT ABOUT ME!!:)^ but in all seriousness the whole cats reference things make me cringe~

She once again groaned and got up to take a one minute shower and grab a granola bar to eat as we walked through our private airport "I love coming here"Mckayla sighed looking around "oh my god it's Brick Berlin!" Eleanor like a little fan girl, ya see he's like the Channing Tatum of our world..."no way! I wanna get a autograph!" Brooke said spinning in circles looking for him

"He's right there stupid!" I told her stopping her spinning by grabbing he arm and forcing her to look the right way and pointing he apparently say us drooling over him and walked over. "Hello girls" he said reaching out to give us each a hug, he also was dressed casually in khaki shorts and a white v-neck tee shirt that nice played down his tan "can we get your autograph?" Evie asked shyly "course! Hey I was just in Jamaica, I even got to blow up a helicopter!" He added "woah! You got to do the cat and the mouse?!"Mckayla shrieked "I've always wanted to do that one!" "Yeah it was pretty fun!" He replied smiling and emphasizing the 'was' handing us back our signatures "well we had better get going were late as it is!" Eleanor said grabbing her things and nodding to the rest of us "make sure your careful with those weapons in security" he called over his shoulder winking because we all knew full well that everyone in the airport had some sort of weapon on them, I had mine... I had a small dagger in ine boot and a small hand gun in the other loaded with shocking darts and a whole 5 more cartridges sewn in to my sweater for easy access-Evie has a taxer installed into her phone a knife that slid into the side of of her shoe and a gum in her waist band also a few micro bullets in her bow-Brooke had shock pads o the pockets of her shirt, bullets sewn into her beanie a award pen slid into her glasses a knife in her shoe and a PC-44 original in her waist band-Mckayla had two hand guns in the inside pockets of her sweater a knife in her boot and a first aid kit in her bag along with her wallet and crap- finally Eleanor had about 300 bullets in all, sewn into her scarfs and in her purse a dager a scaling bow and a wire. Ya know just invade we need to scale a cliff, and two hand guns...

If you think that's a lot, remember... We each have a entire suitcase full if more stuff. Stuff as in weapons

"We will" Mckayla laughed as we each grabbed our bags and headed for the plane... Well. OUR plane "Marcus!" Eleanor yelled running towards him "hello miss Calder, Edwards, nigon, Armbruster , Flicek" he replied smiling after giving us each a tight squeeze "where too?" He asked after we boated the plane and be took his place in the cockpit. Evie gave him the coordinates and we all sat down and ate like there was no tomorrow before each falling asleep.

~your all problem wondering who Marcus is and where he came from...every team is assigned a 'companion' , they basically are your butlers. They're kind of like your second mom... Marcus is 50-60 years old but still moves around like he's 20. Although he doesn't take any part In any of our missions he comes along to ensure that we're behaving. For the past month or so the girls had a substitute because Marcus was on vacation... That's why they were so excited to see him~ okie lovelies! That's all for now! I'll update soon!!!!!!~


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