Do i know?

(A story on quotev inspired a thank you goes to Scarlett author of 'my protecter')
Evie's team is the best in the agency, Eleanor, Perrie, Brooke, Mckayla and her make up Team 48...

Andy gets a message from Paul an "old friend" and the girls are any on a whirl wind of a mission.

**I can deactivate bombs and know how to kill a man 8 times my size 12 different ways with my hands but do i really know how to act as areal teenage girl? **


9. chappy 3

Evie's P.O.V;

"Please?!"'begged Perrie "no! We can't you've been here for 5 years you know the rules! Now let's goooooooooo!" I said grabbing her hand and trying to pull her with me

"But!" "No buts!" I said cutting her off "you can't bring food out if the cafeteria!" "Finnnneeeee"she whined putting the box of pizza back in the pile "alright good let's go! The others left 5 minutes ago!" I said pulling her along behind me as we raced down the halls "but what if I get hungry while we're packing?!"she asked "you can come back later!" "Oh all right let's get started!" She replied sliding open the door reviling a whirl wind of clothes, bags and a few weapons too! "Finally!" Eleanor said as we walked through the heavy metal sliding door "I know I know! I replied holing my hands up I surrender "Come on pack!Im almost done!"Brooke said moving aside to show her full suit cases "I'm on it!calm your self child!" I told her grabbing my bags and throwing them on the bed then turned around examining my clothes, I would obviously bring my mission clothes I mean 'real' mission clothes, yeah the whole black in black on black getup is true... I have a whole wardrobe just for missions and a deprecate one for the teenager normal person me. I folded my black mission shirt last and sat on the suitcase as Mckayla and Eleanor zipped it closed I had basically emptied my closet, which isn't hard considering I hardly have anything... "Done!" I shouted hopping down from the de-formed thing I call a suitcase. After I packed my toiletries and clothes in one bag I put my guns, knives, and gadgets in another and marked them properly with the right labels I sat down to look at my folder. As I opened it up a string of pictures fell out fluttering to the floor. I picked it up and flipped it to the front where there was 5 photo booth photos of a different person in every square giving award winning smiles... The curly one was kinda cute but they were all attractive boys... I opened the folder inside the folder and saw backgrounds for 5 people apparently named zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry styles and Liam Payne. Then I picked up the photos and deciphered the Origen of the first and last names of the boys and picked out facial features comparing them to find the dark haired guy was zayn, curly was Harry, rosy cheeks was Niall, the movie star look alike was Liam and the aqua eyes was Louis. Not too shabby if I do say so my self [:] "hey guys did ja figure out who was who?" I asked shifting so I was facing the rest of my squad" I figured out all of em!" Eleanor replied examining the pictures "same" "me too" and "yep" were the responses I got. " I see macs got her eye on one of them!"Brooke teased winking "WANK WANK!!" Eleanor and I yelled I unison bringing us to tears from laughing so hard at a long time inside joke "maybe maybe not!" I said as the last few giggles faded leaving smiles branded in out faces "fine! Fine! Harry! Geesh!" I said after el gave me her signature death glare we each contributed our opinions in who was cutest before we called the lights out

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