Do i know?

(A story on quotev inspired a thank you goes to Scarlett author of 'my protecter')
Evie's team is the best in the agency, Eleanor, Perrie, Brooke, Mckayla and her make up Team 48...

Andy gets a message from Paul an "old friend" and the girls are any on a whirl wind of a mission.

**I can deactivate bombs and know how to kill a man 8 times my size 12 different ways with my hands but do i really know how to act as areal teenage girl? **


2. Brooke

Team 48 log

Image:brown hair-green/gold eyes-5'8-always looks goosed even when not trying-age 18-


-has been in the service sense she was 13

-favorite training session: arms and combat

-missions completed: 12

-missions failed: 0

-field agent but does well in weapons training and testing

-team members: Mckayla A. Eleanor C. Perrie E. Evie N.


-experience: 5 years

-gotten hurt: 17xs


Brooke. Is a fine agent. One of the best we've had actually in our history. She doesn't think, but acts or does. She doesn't stall. And in this line if work not thinking. Is better. She is extremely competitive. As are her team manners which is why they pushed so hard to make it to the top...and look where they are now...


Hi! I'm Brooke- no it's not short for Brooklyn. Although each manner of our team has a nickname. I'm cookie, Kitten or sugar (I don't even know) let's see. I've been in the service for 5 years. And absolutely llllooovvvvvveeeeddddd every moment of it. Even the bad ones! As you could see above I've gotten hurt the most out of my entire team...don't worry all for (mostly) good reasons!

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