One Direction Preferences/Imagines||Requests Taken

gah.! I've been wanting to make these for soooo long, and I finally did it ! :D so. yeah . I take any requests. KEEP 'EM CLEAN LADIES . I know how you horny pandas are. ;)


1. #1 [ How You Meet ] Liam & Niall

Liam || It was your 19th birthday and you were at a 18+ club in London with your friends. The girls kept on pointing out this one guy who was checking you out while you were dancing, but you didn’t think he wanted you. You continued dancing letting the guy completely slip your mind, until you feel a large hand on your shoulder. You turned around and saw him, the guy. “H-Hi..I’m Liam, and I just wanted to ask you if you, um, maybe wanted to dance with me..?” He asked shyly. “I would love that!” You replied. What started out as a shy hello, turned into a blossoming relationship.

Niall || You were so close to the boys at their signing in your own home town. You absolutely loved them, and you couldn’t help but have a favorite, the one and only, Niall Horan. As you inched closer, you saw Niall looking at you in awe. You blushed furiously and smiled to yourself, trying to keep calm. When you finally got to him, he stood up and shook your hand, secretly giving you a note. ‘Why, Hello Gorgeous. Why don’t you give me a call? My number is on the back, princess :) xx ~ Nialler’ I think we all know what happens next. :D

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