New Begginings

This fanfiction is about Tobias and
Cristina. *three years after tris death*
Cristina and Tobias have gone back
to dauntless headquarters to be
trainers, but when a dangerous and
unpredictable initiate, Terk, with
a grudge on four kidnaps Cristina and torture her, Tobias is in a race against the clock to save her


2. proulouge #2 Cristina

~~Prologue #2 Cristina's POV
I miss him so much every day. His sweet smile and cleverness. He was my life but now he's gone and so is she. I never blamed Tris for what happened i more blamed myself I forgave her but she's dead and I'll never know if she truly knew that. I love you Will, and I love you Tris always.


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