New Begginings

This fanfiction is about Tobias and
Cristina. *three years after tris death*
Cristina and Tobias have gone back
to dauntless headquarters to be
trainers, but when a dangerous and
unpredictable initiate, Terk, with
a grudge on four kidnaps Cristina and torture her, Tobias is in a race against the clock to save her


9. chapter7 Cristina

~~Chapter 7 Cristina's POV
As I went in and out of a foggy haze I heard clips of conversations like "you idiot, you'll kill her, and "stop the blood." I felt the sensation of being picked up and heard a loud buzz that penetrated my skull. I forced my eyes open and the sudden light made my head throb. My mind was clear and I could see, but my mouth didn't work.  I tried speaking but it felt as if it was glued shut. I saw Terk scribble something on a price of paper with his finger in something red? Blood? Was that MY blood? I turned my head and saw the rushing water of the chasm and started to weakly struggle.
Then Terk took a small slender knife and stuck it in my hand and stabbed the knife into my palm. I couldn't cry out so I made a whimpering sound like a dog. As my senses started to come back and my vision became brighter I felt a sharp and vivid pain tugging at my stomach. Then I remembered a guard slashed it open. I was probably bleeding to death. As Terk let me lay there he put his hand in my stomach, dipped his fingers in my blood and smeared it across my face.  He continued and made a hand print at the edge of the Chasm, as if I'd fallen off the edge and hung on for life.  As they hoisted my body up and threw it over the chasm I didn't raise a finger in defiance. I was still fighting off the unconsciousness that threatened to take over my mind once again as I plummeted into the deep and cold darkness of the chasm.
It felt like I was falling forever. I braced myself for hard impact. I fell for a while longer and stopped expecting.  Then all of a sudden my body hit a rock solid ledge and I landed with so much force that I felt my shoulder shatter. It felt like a thousand needles shot through my whole body in an instant. I let out a cry of despair, hoping that someone would see my crippled mangled and tortured body down here and rescue me.

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