New Begginings

This fanfiction is about Tobias and
Cristina. *three years after tris death*
Cristina and Tobias have gone back
to dauntless headquarters to be
trainers, but when a dangerous and
unpredictable initiate, Terk, with
a grudge on four kidnaps Cristina and torture her, Tobias is in a race against the clock to save her


7. chapter5 Cristina

~~Chapter 5 Cristina's POV
I went in and out of consciousness until I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. Terk stopped his death machine and walked over to me. "So you survived our first game, well next ones called 20 knives here's how you play… I ask you 10 questions and if I don't like your answer I cut you and then I  ask you another 10 same rules apply" he sneered twirling his knife on his finger. "You... You’re a monster" I managed to gasp out. All Terk did was throw his head back and laugh. Then he signaled his assistant to take me to his next room of horror.
As the guard picked me up he put my face parallel to his ear and I mustered enough strength to turn my head and say three words "please help me", I whispered just loud enough for him alone to hear me. His eyes widened and he gave a curt nod and a surge of hope ran through my veins giving me the courage to face this next torture game. "Put her on there" Terk ordered the guard. The guard laid me down on the wooden target that Terk pointed to. Two others lifted up the target and tied my hands and feet and torso down. I knew that I was on a human sized version of our gun targets in the dauntless compound. "Okay, so to begin I will ask you… Were you with my sister when she died?”  "I... I don't remember," I said bracing myself for a cut. Instead Terk stepped back and screamed “LIAR" then closed his eyes and in one precise movement flung the knife and it pegged me deep in my arm. I let out a blood curling scream as blood tricked down the board. I forced myself not to cry as Terk started to speak again "you lied" he said "not a good choice, moving on do you love Four?" this time I had enough dignity not to answer. He was going to hurt me no matter what so instead every question came with a curse. But before Terk could hurt me the guard that had carried me stopped him and said "boss i thought we were going to only electrocute her, how 'bout we stop and go take a drink.” "Or you could do the honors" Terk said smiling. He saw the horror on the guards face as he handed the guard the knife and the guard slowly walked towards me he mouthed I'm sorry to me and searched my body with his eyes trying to find the least painful spot he could stab me. "Don't forget the question" Terk called.  The guard’s eyes rested on my hand as he glanced at me one more time but before he stabbed me he said just below a whisper "Do you hate me?" to which I replied "No, I'm proud of you." Then he dragged the knife across my palm.  I didn't scream! Instead I grit my teeth before facing Terk in complete defiance. Terk looked very unpleased with the guard’s choice and the guard must have seen that too because his final action was running up to Terk and stabbing the knife in his foot before Terk snapped his neck. Through all the pain this is what made me cry hot tears of fury. Hopelessness rained down on me as I screamed out in rage "TERK YOUR A DEAD MAN TO ME!" Terk turned and faced me and took the knife in his hand and plunged it into my leg. Excruciating pain ran up my leg but that was nothing compared to when he started twisting it, with each twist I screamed louder and Terk looked me straight in the eye and said "Well you see Cristina you’re the dead one." Then, with my last strip of sanity melting away, I slipped into an assault of curses and I screamed so loud and struggled so hard that one of the guards swiped his knife in sedative serum and slashed it across my stomach, I went unconscious.

 A/N: *when Cristina went unconscious Terk flew into a furious rage. "You've messed everything up!" he shouted and pointed a gun at the guard and shot him dead. "You!" Terk said to another guard "take the big pieces of equipment and burn them and take them to…" Terk said gesturing to the two dead guards on the floor. "Yes sir" the guard replied” the rest of you help pack up the prisoner were moving out!” *


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