New Begginings

This fanfiction is about Tobias and
Cristina. *three years after tris death*
Cristina and Tobias have gone back
to dauntless headquarters to be
trainers, but when a dangerous and
unpredictable initiate, Terk, with
a grudge on four kidnaps Cristina and torture her, Tobias is in a race against the clock to save her


6. chapter4 Tobias

~~Chapter 4 Tobias’s POV
I woke up to light shining through my windows, I went to my sink and splashed water on my face waking up and trying to recount the details from last night. I remembered Cristina's warm strong presence helping me find my way back from a lost world. She guided me to my bed and I.... That's when it dawned on me I fell asleep. And Cristina was nowhere in sight. I threw pants on and rushed out the door straight to her room. Her door was wide open and a picture of her and Tris hugging was lying on the floor. I stumbled away in disbelief towards the cafeteria. As I pushed open the doors everyone stared at me a crazy shirtless trainer. I didn't care I rushed to the only person I could think of to help me. Cristina's little sister, rose, (After they started to change the system everything's been different so Cristina figured it was safe here and urged her little sister to join dauntless.) I rushed to the table she was sitting at and grabbed him shoulders yanking her out of the conversation she was having. The boy who she was talking to probably her boyfriend stood up to protect her but she saw the fear in my eyes and stopped him. "Stop Jess" she said "its okay I know him". "What's wrong four"? "It's its Cristina...” I stammered." What what about her, what's happened" she said her voice starting to panic "I'm sorry rose she's" ... "Tell me NOW" four she practically screamed at me. "Cristina was kidnapped and it was all my fault" I said sinking to my knees in despair. It was much harder to admit that to myself. “It was my fault" I repeated, as rose sank into the boy, Jess', arms. "Please rose I'm so sorry but you've got to help me find her". "I..... I and my friends will help. You on one condition". "When we find her you stay away from her". “Agreed" she asked
- agreed I replied knowing full well that was a promise I'd break.  A cold steady look of determination set itself deep into my heart I would not lose another friend ever again.

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