New Begginings

This fanfiction is about Tobias and
Cristina. *three years after tris death*
Cristina and Tobias have gone back
to dauntless headquarters to be
trainers, but when a dangerous and
unpredictable initiate, Terk, with
a grudge on four kidnaps Cristina and torture her, Tobias is in a race against the clock to save her


3. chapter1 Tobias

~~Chapter1 Tobias’s POV
"Let’s go let’s go you’re not 5 year olds are you I want to see some fighting" I yelled in my instructor voice." I'm just not feeling it today Cristina" I said turning toward her, "I think I'm going to go home". "Ah’ come on Four it’s only 9:00 why don't you stay till lunch" she replied. "Come on please how else will I keep these unruly initiates under control?" "Use your gun!" I said. "Ugh she sighed exasperated fine Four go and I'll meet you for lunch but scare Terk over there before you go he's twice the size of me and a really good fighter with an attitude!  He could take me out if he wanted, the only thing keeping him in line is you". "All right Cristina a fair compromise I will see you at lunch" I said jogging away towards Terk. Terk was a huge guy and didn't like taking orders. He was from Candor and definitely spoke his mind. He actually came close to killing a much smaller innate named Marina in the fighting stage. As I   approached Terk he didn’t see me at first, I saw him and his buddies talking and glancing over at Christina. Terk looked up at her and I knew that look it’s the way a lion looks at a gazelle as it stalks it. “What are you scheming" I hissed under my breath. When I became within speaking distance of Terk and his buddies silently hushed like I walked in on a secret. They all gave me stares that suggested death. "Terk I started". "What he hissed back immediately". Then he stared a long ice cold deadly stare. I met his visual threat before speaking, "Terk said again sternly "I'm going to leave Cristina in charge listen to her!  Do you understand?"
Ohhhhh so touchy what is she your girlfriend." Images of Tris rushed into my mind along with the pain and hurt. I clenched my fist so hard my knuckles. Turned white. I saw Cristina glance in my direction and she shot me a warning look that said, "Don’t kill him." I ignored her and raised my fist and punched Terk squarely in the jaw, I looked at my knuckles and saw blood on both mine and Trek’s. As I walked away I saw Terk and his buddies he's towards the infirmary, and felt a sense of joy and pain I hadn't felt in an about 3 years.


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