How meeting one directon changed my life

This story is about me kimberly and my friends names are Hayleigh,Joann,and Anya. Me kimberly loves one direction.I am 18 i am middle age and im really popular. Joanns age is 18 like me, so middle age to. Hayleigh is 17,she is the youngest, Anya is 19,she is the oldest out all of us. That is what this book is about.


2. leaving for the concert

When we landed in ireland we got even more excited. My friends said,"what hotel are we staying at?"

I said,"it is a surprise." Then we got to the hotel and my friends said,"it was really  big." I said,"I know right." They said,"why was it a surprise." i said," because one direction is staying hear." then my friends said,"OMG you are kidding." i said,"no im not." they scream

I said," quiet down." we go check in. we are now checked in so now we can go up to our room,so we go up to our room and we enter the room and we start to freak out because it is so big.we go to dinner. We get back to the hotel. then we run into one direction in the elevator. we say hi. they say hi back and they also say how are you. then we say good and niall says do you have any food. we said no. Then 24 hours later at 12:00 is the concert,so we woke up i cant wait until the concert.then we start to get ready 




                                            TO BE CONTINUED......................

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