How meeting one directon changed my life

This story is about me kimberly and my friends names are Hayleigh,Joann,and Anya. Me kimberly loves one direction.I am 18 i am middle age and im really popular. Joanns age is 18 like me, so middle age to. Hayleigh is 17,she is the youngest, Anya is 19,she is the oldest out all of us. That is what this book is about.


4. concert time

It is an hour until the concert. we are so is time for meet and greet lets go,so  we get there and we are the last people in the line,so we leave the line and go to the concert. then the concert ends and we go back to the hotel,so then we go to bed.we slept in until 8:00.we wake up and go to the airport to go home. then we find out we have 10:00 min. delay. so we get home and say that trip was amazing. next one direction found my house and they knock on the door and niall askes me out,harry asked joann out,and louie asked hayleigh out. so we all have a happy ending and we all have babies and get married so we have a happy ending.

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