How meeting one directon changed my life

This story is about me kimberly and my friends names are Hayleigh,Joann,and Anya. Me kimberly loves one direction.I am 18 i am middle age and im really popular. Joanns age is 18 like me, so middle age to. Hayleigh is 17,she is the youngest, Anya is 19,she is the oldest out all of us. That is what this book is about.


1. buying one directon tickets

Hi, i am Kimberly. I called my friends and said,get over here right now." they said,okay on our way." When they got here i opened the door and said,hey girls." so we ran upstairs. When we got upstairs I said,"okay so one direction concert tickets are going on sale in 5,4,3,2,1." and i hit the button and we got all types of tickets which means meet and greet tickets,v.i.p tickets but last but not least front row tickets i got them for 500 dollars. so then my friends said," we have to go." i said okay bye see you tommorow and they said goodbye

Next day-----------------------

I got up at 5:00 so i could get ready for school, and i got up and took a shower,got dressed,did my hair,makeup,ate breakfast,brushed my teeth, and put on my shoes and left. when i got to school i saw my friends and we said,we could not wait untill friday cause we flew out friday afternoon. so my boyfriend walked by me and said,hi love." and i said,"hello morning and gave him a kiss." I had to go to homeroom so i did. when homeroom was over i had to go to math so i went and i was board in math so i secretly text. Then when that period was over it was lunch time so i was happy that it was. Then after that school was over so i did my homework and then went to ihop with my friends so we were so excited cause it was only 2 days away, so when we were done eating we left  and went home and went to bed. Next Day------------------------------------------------------------------------------when it was the next day i did the same routine i did the day before. Arrived at school and went to my friends and they said," 2 more days cant wait ." i said, me to " i went to the same old boring classes went to lunch and went home. i was so happy the day was over. I ate dinner with my family and i didn't even talk cause the adults were talking politics. Finally dinner was over so when dinner was over i went up to my room and went to bed. Next day--------------------------------------------------------

Same routine and went to school i was so excited cause one day away from going to ireland. i left early to go shopping for ireland. then went home and did some shoe shopping and finally it was the end of the day and i woke up and stayed home cause i had to pack for ireland. then it was finally time to go to the airport and we got on the plane and landed in ireland a day ago and it was day of concert me and my friends were so excited.

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