they're coming // h.s // AU

"quickly, you need to hide, or they'll find you."
"whose they?"
"they're here, hurry."

based on the walking dead & harry styles AU- Alternate Universe


1. they're coming // h.s




"quickly, you need to hide, or they'll find you."
"whose they?"
"they're here."



authors note//

so, i've begun a new story because I was getting bored of the other ones and they weren't influencing me to come online often (meaning never) and I didn't know how to go on from where I am currently.


I have pictured a new story and have a clear vision in my head of how it will play on and I think this will be a lot better, story wise. I apologize to everyone who enjoyed my other story but, I didn't know how to move forward from where I was and make it entertaining for you all. also, this story is prompting me to be active more often. (meaning, online.)  

thank you, love you all. 


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