they're coming // h.s // AU

"quickly, you need to hide, or they'll find you."
"whose they?"
"they're here, hurry."

based on the walking dead & harry styles AU- Alternate Universe


3. flirting?


 "don't be afraid of your fears. they're not there to scare you. they're there to let you know that something is worth it." - c. joybell c.


 i pulled my bag over my shoulder and shuffled towards the door. i then placed my hand on the door nob and looked down into my reflection, it was freezing. the coldness started creeping up my hand as i twisted the nob and continued out into the opened air.

the ground was covered in thick snow and i followed the trail my aunt had dug, that morning, from our front door to the pavement that i walked on everyday towards my favorite coffee shop. 

i looked around at the abandoned street as everyone would of been in front of there fire places and drinking home made hot cocoa with their families on this freezing november morning. i pulled my burgundy beanie down over my ears to keep them from freezing and i hugged my cream sweater tight around my petite body, beginning to pick up my pace.

i saw the little coffee shop on the corner of my street and smiled to myself. i crossed the road, i started to feel the slightest bit of heat and i became instantly happier. i pulled the door open with all the force i had- it's a really heavy door,- and sniffed the air for the warm hot chocolate scent.

i looked at all the other people inside the tiny room and smiled. there's only a few. three girls- including myself,- and two boys. i noticed a young boy in the corner, reading. i chuckled at how i use to be obsessed with reading, but stopped when i noticed i was getting a few stares. well then. 

i took a deep breath and walked up to the brown coloured counter. 

"hey kayla, how are you?" the young girl smiled. i looked at her perfectly red dyed hair and smiled.

"hey charlotte, i'm less tired actually. i've been sleeping less and my doctor said it's progress, so i'm happy about that. how are you?" her green eyes glistened, as her smile widened.

"wow, well done! i'm so proud of you. i'm glad your life is beginning to turn around and head in the right direction. good for you." i smiled at how happy she was of me,

"and, i'm really good, thanks. well, better now that i heard that about you, but i'm still really good." she laughed.

"that's great." I giggled.

"so, what can i get you?" she asked,

"could i please get a medium white chocolate mocha?" i spoke while reading the boards above charlotte's head.

charlotte's eyebrows raised in delight. "no, large coffee today?" 

"nope, i don't need it." i smirked at how many times i came into this shop and ordered a large coffee to stay awake.

"a new improved kayla, i like it." she giggled and turned around to make my drink.

i waited to the left and looked out the window at the snow falling. it's probably the most snow we've gotten in years. 

"one medium white chocolate mocha." 

i turned around to see charlotte holding the mocha in her hands with a small smile. i handed her the money and thanked her for making it.

i walked to the back of the room and sat down on the stall. i turned to my right to see the young boy still reading. 

"what are you reading?" i asked with interest.

"my thoughts." he replied dull, without looking at me.

"wait, what? you write your thoughts in a book?" i asked amused.


"haha, why?" 

"my therapist told me to, after my parents died."

"oh. i'm so sorry." i instantly regretted what i said before.

"it's not your fault. it's no one's actually. they died in a car crash."

"how old were you?"

"five. i can still remember when the police came to the door."

i thought about what it would be like to be told your parents died at the age of five, then i lost it and began tearing up. i looked at the boy next to me who was still flipping through the pages of his book.

"i'm kayla." 

he looked at me and put on a small smile.


"you don't need to fake a smile."

"why would you say that?" he asked curious

"cause my parents and sister passed away. i know what it's like to lose the people closest to you."

"how old were you?" 

"seven." i looked down at the ground.

"i guess you do know."

"my sister had a disease. no one knew what it was or what it did. i guess it kills you, because she was weak and she passed away. but, it's okay because she's helping the elderly in heaven. maybe she know's your parents." i shrugged,

he looked at me and frowned. "once you've passed on, you don't have feelings and you aren't alive anymore. she won't know them, trust me."

"that's not true. i don't believe you. i won't. i write to her all the time and she gets them, i know it."

"whatever." he turned back to his book and started reading again.

i sighed, took a sip of my drink and tried changing the topic.

"so, where is everyone? they're usually outside making snow man and having snow ball fights."

"it's the start of the end of the world."

i choked on my drink. "what?" i smiled brightly at his joke.

he turned to me and furrowed his eyebrows. "i'm serious. all the signs are there. barely anyone's out anymore and it's getting darker, each day."

"um, that's because it's getting colder and every winter it's dark.." i trailed finding this funnier than i thought it would be. 

"don't come crying to me when you're scared."

"oh, believe me, i won't."

he smirked and ripped a page out of his book. "my number." he jotted down numbers on a page and pointed to it while he pushed it toward me. "call me when you need me."

"harry, are you flirting with me?" i faked a gasp.

"you wish." he rolled his eyes and started to read again.

i giggled and took another sip of my drink. 


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