they're coming // h.s // AU

"quickly, you need to hide, or they'll find you."
"whose they?"
"they're here, hurry."

based on the walking dead & harry styles AU- Alternate Universe


2. dear emily

the fourth of april, sixteen eighty two

dear emily,

it's been six years since you've pasted on and been sent up to heaven to take care of all the elderly. it's been absolutely horrid in cheshire, england at the moment. hundreds of people are going missing everyday and no one knows of the 'cause. i met a young boy in a coffee shop this morning, he has the most curly hair i have ever seen. he said it was the end of the world. i didn't believe him. obviously, he was talking rubbish. complete and utter rubbish. our father said people who spoke like that were mentally sick. though, i don't know what that means. no one talks about death anymore since everyone started to disappear off the earth. i can understand why.

at least your safe and cannot be harmed up there. the boy also said that his parents passed away in a car crash. i told him about you, em. i know i shouldn't of, but i did. i told him that you might know of them, but he looked at me with disbelief. without looking at me, he told me that once you've passed on you don't have feelings and you aren't alive anymore. it's not true. i don't believe him. i know i'm not suppose to call people things that i don't know the meanings and understandings of, but he is mentally ill. i think so anyway.

tell mum and dad i love them. stay safe, em. 

i love you.

yours truly, kayla



authors note//


celebrity: sasha pieterse

name: kayla dixens

age: sixteen


                                              -good sense of humor


background: kayla was born and raised well up until she was seven years old. her sister died from an illness that no one knew about. her mother passed away in her sleep and her father became deeply depressed from grief. she lived with her aunt maggie and now shes sixteen still affected from her past which has led her to shut down and barely talk to anyone.


celebrity: harry styles

name: harry styles

age: sixteen





background: harry was always a quiet boy who only had a few friends in elementary school. he only really comes out and is comfortable with you when he knows you better and can trust you as a person. he never takes anything for granted and appreciates everything he is given and has got. after his parents passed away from the car crash, he was moved to different homes as a orphan. once he turned 16 he was eligible to move out and go his own way. which he did and is better off.


this will give you a better understanding of them throughout the story of why they don't do something how in other stories they would. e.g. fall in love straight away. new characters will be introduced along the way. i hope you enjoy this story. 


lots of love


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