🔸Our Incredible Love

Daniella couldn't control the course of events she was to experience and fate she was destine to have, she was young, and vulnerable, and didn't have a choice to come or go. It was up to the ones that raised her, the ones that she truly loved, and thought they loved her too. Her parents decided, with no apprehension, that they were going to walk out on her, leave her to fend for herself. At eight years old she was afraid to walk into the public bathroom alone. She was disturbed, and frightened.


1. The First Chapter






Our Incredible Love

Chapter One





I lift the hot coffee mug from the small table in the cafe and connect it to my lips, letting the hot liquid burn down my throat. I just listen to the chit chat around the place, all the murmurs and conversations keeping me occupied, and humble machines going off in the background. This place is my favourite cafe on my street, it was small and compact filled with people who love their morning coffee and afternoon snacks. Berry-bran muffin with a mocha latte is my favourite, and original, I come here at 10:10 every single morning just before I go to work across the street at the flower shop. Around 2 years ago, I applied there, and got the job fairly quick, it was perfect wage due to my living circumstances, on my own. I like to live alone, and do everything myself, I'm very independent; or so Molly used to say. My house is always spotless because I can't stand having a dirty home, that's one thing that is annoying, people say that I am too perfect, not in a good way. But I live on the way I like to. I realized the time, 10:23am, I should leave here and go to work, that is in less then ten minutes.

I open the door to the flower shop and the little bell goes off and Ashly looks up from writing at the counter, "Dani! Hey, there is an order, could you take it?" she asks before I could even step foot behind the counter, "I guess so" I reply and she smiles, handing me a brown box from under the table, and slapping the address on the top. I read her small print on the white paper, "That's my apartment." I say, and really hope this isn't from the guy across the hall, nice guy and all, always asking if I need any sugar. But kind of creeps me out, he always waits up for me at night when I take a long shift, and their is always a bouquet of flowers at my door. He's just not, my type. Like the way he opens his door as soon as I open mine, and stares at me until I say hi. He's a little creepy I will be honest, not that I have a type. But he's odd, too odd for me.

"Oh! Oops! It's flat 403, the one right beside you." she scribbles out the wrong address and writes the new one down. "I heard he just moved in like a week ago."

I look at her, "I haven't seen anything."

She smiles at me, "Maybe when you're at work he's moving in all his stuff." She suggests and I nod, that could be possible. "Then when you get back he heads out, to work I'm guessing. Oh and I also heard from a little bird, that he's super attractive." She licks her lips and I giggle. "I'll be back."

I jump into the green delivery car, that is a Volkswagen Beatle. It's covered in flowers with every colour from the rainbow, and has 'Mindy's Flower Shop' stamped on it. I pull out, and head towards my condo. That's about 10 minutes away, if you walk. So only a few minutes to drive. I would walk but I'm told I have to drive because it's better for business. I walk to work every morning, and I walk everywhere, even tho I have a car. It's a very crappy car, but I had to choose, crappy car or crappy house? I went with crappy car.

I turn a right and then a quick left into the parking garage. I take the first free parking space and get out. My way up I actually began to think about this guy Ashley talked about. I wonder if he is attractive? Like he does live beside me and -- Never mind, I can't go there, it's just not possible. I can't have someone 'love' me, when I know deep down they'll be using me for sex or money. I like being alone, and I will keep it that way. I always tend to argue with myself over something. Probably because I have no one to vent too, I have only myself and my fish.

I knock on door 403, and take a deep breath, then a lean man steps out from behind it the wooden door. He had dark brown hair that was styled up into a quiff, and a tight, light grey shirt that had 3 bottoms down his chest, that showed his beautifully tanned skin. His black jeans where tight too, but not to tight. His eyes were a really dark blue that they almost looked black, and his jaw line was so noticeable that I almost lost my senses and fell over.

"Hello, you from Mindy's Flower Shop?" He asked and I just stare, but hand over the box nodding my head. "Apparently you guys are one of the best in town." His manly, deep voice sounds through my head and I snap out of my trance. "Uh, yes we are." I cough slightly to cover up my creepy stares. "This is for my nana, she's in the hospital." He tells me, trying to make conversation because I'm just standing here, he looks down at the medium sized box and then back at me. I had him a clip board to sign, pointing to the spots with my finger, that has blue chipped nail polish on it. I sigh to myself for not re doing them.

I take the clip board back, and smile, "I'm sorry to hear about your Nana, but I better be going-- uh back to work." I stumble my words and back away slowly. I turn around, and walk towards the stairs. I literally froze up. What is wrong with me?

He was stunning, seriously beautiful, and I couldn't get the picture of his pure, strong structured face out of my mind. I almost want to see him, but my brain keeps saying 'No. Stay away.' Then my heart beats so fast I swear it's gonna come out of my chest, letting me know that my brain is stupid and my heart is right. But I still stay back, and keep him a good distance.

Later that week, I saw him a few times as he came out of his condo and waved at me. Im smiling, still and my face is now hurting as I make Mac and Cheese in my decent sized kitchen. I'm currently in my pyjamas, baggy grey sweat pants and my favourite purple 'Obey' hoodie. As I begin to pour up my food, the door bell rings. I sigh extra loud hoping who ever is on the other side heard me. I walk to the door and open it up to reveille the guy next door, that I still don't have a name too. "Hey" I say as cooly as possible, he smiled, so I'm doing good so far. "I'm having a party, I was wondering if you wanted to come." He said and checks me over, not in the judgy way but more like -- fuck I'm in sweats! I look down at my clothes, and smile in a nervous way and laugh. I slide behind the door, "Yes I'll be there!" I say and shut the door in his face and turn around and lean my back on the door, exhaling. "Fuck" I whisper to myself. "See you then." I hear him say on the other side. I role my eyes back for being such an idiot. My food is still in the kitchen, so I quickly eat up my Mac and Cheese and then hop into the shower to get ready for this party. Now I defiantly need to make an impression.

Firstly, I am a big perfectionist so getting ready for things like parties or dinners, or like dates, in which case I haven't been on one, is a big deal to me. No matter who is going to be there. I grab everything that I want to wear and lay it out on my bed. I have a black biker leather jacket, a grey leopard print bandeau top, a white lace cami, black skinny jeans, and my favourite Beany Combat Boots. I shall curl my hair to perfection, and same goes with my make up. (Perfection in my view, I'm not to sure if other people think I look good.) Then I hope the 'guy next door' will like me, because I'm not looking like I just rolled out of a cardboard box that a homeless person slept in.

Anyways, because I live next to him, all I have to do is wait for the music to rattle my walls and I'll know it's time go knock on the door.

An hour later, I'm sitting on the couch reading a book. The Divergent series, I'm on the second book, Ashley got me into them. Her ex boyfriend bought them for her last Christmas, and she read them and suggested I did too. I was getting impatient, it was already 8:17, and I was beginning to fiddle with my bracelet. What the hell, I'll just knock on his door. I get up from my overly comfortable couch and head over to his door. I knock the door twice, and waited. After what felt like 3 weeks, he opened the door with his hair messed up like he was sleeping. "You invited me to a party?" I asked questioning everything, well I did slam the door in his face.

"It's at the bar down the road at 9:30." He smiled, not looking exactly pissed for me shutting him out. "Ohh, well maybe next time I won't slam the door in your face." I smile apologetically, and he looks over me, and smirks. "No sweats?"

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