My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


10. What Will Lydia Think?

Nialls POV

when i get outside i look at my watch. 9:00. she got hurt and 11 this morning which means we were at the hospital almost all day! by the time i reach the barn there is another lady there. "Niall, this is the vet missy. she um. she said that Pirate should be put down..." lilly said. "what why?!" i ask back. "missy said that when he bucked he bucked overly hard and part of his spine popped out. hes paralized" she whispered. "but wha why what? isnt there some fancy surgery?" "mr. horan, by the time you found him he was sto far along and with the surgery, only 10% are actually fixed and cant jump or do anything. they are just paddock buddies. no riding, nothing. then 30% live but they are still paralyzed. the last 60% they um kinda... dont survive the pain and blood loss." the vet said. "what would be the best?" "the best would to just put him down.the surgery is very exspencive and with the amount that actually live, its not worth it when they are this far along." missy said. "fine i guess we could put him down. but not untill I and only I say when you can. i will come to you in person and say put him down. i will break it to Lydia." "very well mr. horan but dont be too long. he will be in a ton of pain and will probably be hungry. i can give you stuff to feed him but really, he needs to be put down by the end of the week. so in 4 days." "alright fine. just, aw how am i gonna tell her lilly? you said she shut down before? i dont want that to happen again!" "niall, her birthday is in a couple months so get her a really really meaningfull gift. s=this is going to be really hard for her. especially since she cant compete for a while. she cant even ride. okay?" "yeah i got it." "okay everyone! lets head back up to the house. you too niall. ill get you some sleeping bags and blankets. im guessing youre gonna wanna sleep out here?" "yes please thank you lilly." as we all head back up to the house i wonder what lydia will think when i tell her the news.

Lydias POV

im not sure why but i feel like i can only trust niall and weltmeer. i know i trust pirate as well but im not stupid. i know something is wrong. he probably will have to be put down. im up in my room now because i wanted to change out of my breeches. of course that took forever! when everyone comes in, i just sit on my bed hoping no one will come in here. theres a knock at my door and it opens. nialls head pops in "hey lydia. do you wanna sleep with pirate tonight? ill be there too. i have some blankets and a heater. just grab whatever and set it by your door i will come back to get it." i just looked at him and didnt even answer. i knew he knew that i wanted to go so he just nodded and left. towards the barn i beleive. how am i gonna get through this night?

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