My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


8. What Did I Do?

Nialls POV

after i got one of the stable hands to check up on Pirate, i called Lilly and told her that we needed to take Lydia to the hospital. "WHAT HAPPENED LYDIA?!?!?! I GIVE YOU A SIMPLE JOB AND YOU SCREW IT? WHAT WILL HE TEAM SAY!?!?! WE HAVE A COMPETITION IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! TWO WEEKS!!" "im- im sorry it was an accident i didnt mean for anything to happen! please do-" "DONT WHAT!?!?! LELAVE YOU LIKE YOUR MOM DID? LIKE YOUR AUNT AND UNCLE DID? LIKE HOW YOUR WHOLE FAMILY EXCEPT YOUR DEAD FATHER DID? HECK THATS PROBABLY WHY HE-" lilly gasped realizing what she just said. "lydia im- im sososososo soory i didnt mean any of it i- i wont leave you you can still stay.... im sorry" tears were forming in Lydias eyes. she just looked away from all of us and watched the trees go by her window. i look at her hand and take it. i want to comfort her but she doesnt like me that. HOLY COW WHAT AM I SAYING I CANT LIKE HER! when we get to the hospital lydia is wimpering from the pain. when we take her in she is put onto a wheely bed thingy and taken into the emergency room. the boys and i are all in the waiting room along with lilly. "i- i shouldnt have said that. sh-shes gon-gonna shut down again. niall dont dont l-let her shut down again!" lilly bawled. "what do you mean again? why does this depend on me?" i say. lilly doesnt say anything for a while. for being in her 30-ies she acts young. "years before she came here her dad died in a car crash. after that they had to sell her horse to pay for the damage. later on her mom became a druggie and abused her out of all the other children. two years of dealing with that, her mom finally kicked her out of the house and she moved in wither her aunt and uncle in italy. she hated it there. school uniforms. boarding school. no riding at all. she got into trouble with the police for driving under age which was a stupid reason for getting kicked out of school and then her aunt and uncle kicking her out for it. then she flew back here and lived with her grandma. she died two weeks later. she lived a block away and she walked to the park one day, saw this place and asked for a job. she fed the horses and thats it. when she saw someone abusing their horse for apperently balking at a jump and doing eb=verything wrong, she got on it and that horse did everything she asked. that horse was weltmeer. she bought him later. thats how she moved in with me." lilly told me all that. wow. lydia had a rough life... "oh gosh what have i done? dont tell her i told you. she will kill me! after all that happened though niall, she sut down for a week. wouldnt eat wouldnt sleep wouldnt talk. it was bad." "wait so is this why she doesnt trust anyone? does she even trust you lilly?" i ask. "Lydia only trusts pirate and weltmeer niall. no one else. she wouldnt even trust a peice of fuzz she found." i stare at lilly in disbelief. i look at liam and say, "liam, what have you done?"

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