My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


7. Try Hard

Nialls POV

as i raise the jumps up too 5ft, i wink at Lydia. i see that she knows what i want her to do. the boys arent going to give her a hard time anymore. i know she can clear it easy. its not that high for her anyway. i see how all the guys eyes widen while i raise the poles. when Lydia tells us boys to do our push ups and crunches, she starts trotting and harry walks over to us. i hold weltmeer so that he doesnt try to canter with Pirate. "Blondie can you turn the iHome on. turn it on to drunk ed sheeran." i do as she says. i see her canter to the beat of the music as she starts her hardest dressage test. A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F,X. she does fancy hard stuff like flying lead changes, 20 meter circle pirrouettes and other fancy stuff. i look at the boys, a smirk etched on my face. as soon as ed sheerans the city starts playing, she does a sitting trot to the lowest of the jumps and clears it easy. she goes over the rest of the 6 jumps and clears them all. "well dont just stand there pretty boy raise the jumps!" she yells at me. i can tell she is having an adrenaline rush. i raise the jumps two notches. "boys including curls, get down and do sit- ups." we do as she says and knowing her i pick a corner away from the rest of the boys and im over where Weltmeer is tied up. i see her make a sharp turn dusting the boys in the sand. i cant help but laugh. thats what she did to me my 2nd day here. "AAHHHH!!!!!"i hear liam scream. he screamed at the worst time. just as they went for the last jump, Pirate spooked thanks to the scream. Pirate skidded to a halt and bucked. being in two-point, Lydia was already sitting forward. the buck was waaayyy to strong and Lydia cleared the jump without Pirate. i heard two sickening cracks and a scream of pain.

''LYDIA!!" i scream. i speed walk over to pirate and calm him down. running is banned at the barn. Lydia was just laying there. her eyes were squeezed shut in pain. her leg was bent in a bad angle. i had to look away. "Lydia if youre alive groan or do something. tell me what to do" i say. "Blondie, call lilly her number is on my phone. take me to the office and then take pirate and weltmeer into the barn. ask one of the stable hands to feel for heat in pirates legs and to untack them." she replies. i do as she says and i hear liam say (and yes i know the boys are sweet in reality but this is a fan fiction right?) "if she wasnt such a try hard this wouldnt have happened." "EXCUSE ME!?!? IF HARRY WASNT BEING A COCKY JERK SHE WOULDNT HAVE WANTED TO PROVE TO YOU THAT THIS SPORT IS HARD!!!! DO YOU GUYS EVEN CARE THAT THIS SPORT IS DEATHLY AND THAT SHE COULD HAVE DIED TODAY?!?! PIRATE COULD HAVE ALSO GOTTEN HURT! IF ANYTHING IS TO BE SAID YOU GUYS ARE JERKS FOR NOT CARING!!!" (and btw i dont cuss so substatute it in if you prefer bad words...)

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