My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


13. The Present

Lydias POV

its been two months and 4 days since pirate died. apperently the break in my leg was bad and the riding didnt help. only Niall and Tlyer and of course weltmeer and i know that i have been riding. when i went to the doctors last, they were so confused that my leg was healing slower than normal peoples. niall and i were stiffling laughs at the doctors expressions. my birthday is in three days. i havent told anyone counting on how i decided i wanted to be mute for a while. i have lost a lot of weight too. i have been wanting to lose weight for a while so this is good. i feel really bad though. i mean the only person i have talked to reguraly is tyler. i talk to niall a little bit but no one else. this is the longest i have to admit. i know what i want for my birthday.i want pirate back but i know thats a bad wish. it cant happen anyway so... oh well... "hey lydia?" i look at niall "im gonna leave with lilly in 5 will you be okay here with the boys?" i nodded. he came over and whispered in my ear. "no riding untill i get back got it?" we smirked at each other and i nodded. lilly came down"okay we should go now. lydia there is a new boarder we are going to check up on to make sure he isnt sick. niall will call you if we are bringing him back so can you get the stall ready okay?" i just look at her and shrug. im really confused though. yeah we go to check out the horses so we wont have to go under quarintine but we never actually pick up the horse...

Nialls POV

in reality, we are going to pick and check up on a horse. its not a new boarder though. yeah it will live here and stuff but no one will pay for it to live here. Lydias birthday is in 3 days and she seems like she is never gonna stop being sad. right now the quietness from her is normal for the boys. not me cuz she talks to me sometimes. so i asked lilly a few weeks ago if pirate was a gelding or a stallion.turns out he was a stallion and was used for breeding and showing untill Lydia got him. she had him for three years and one of his foals actually lives 4 hours away. so we are going to see him. im not sure if it is a mare which is a girl which is what lydia told me, or a gelding/stallion.

*4 hours later*

Nialls POV

when we reach the barn, a few girls start screaming. Oh joy. "erm niall. maybe you should stay back?" "no im going in with you. i want to see Lydia happy again. if i think this horse is gonna make her happy then i want to meet it." "ookkaaayy?" by that time we reached the barn. "oh hello you must be the people coming to see Cant Stop Me. or Renegade as we call him. im Natalia." "erm yeah. who is he out of?" i ask the lady "oh well he is out of Color Me Crimson one of our mares and Pirates Treasure a stallion. both horses were great jumpers. had very well confirmation and Crimson was a registered Piant but she had a lot of thoroughbred in her. Pirate was a solid black Oldenburg warmblood. Rennie is the size of an oldenburg like pirate and has the shape of him too. but he can be a stubborn hot head like Crimson. he is a black and white paint and um he has jumped a little. just free jumping. he hasnt been gelded yet so he is more high strung than most. he doesnt have any vices either. the only problem he has is that he hasnt had a saddle on him." she said. "okay well i would like too see him if you dont mind." "of course mr..." "call me niall sorry and this is lilly. we are actually looking at him for a friend of mine. um Lydia Lamb?" i heard a cough. it almost sounded like choking, outside the office door. Natalia opened the door and let in a girl who looked around 14. "you know Lydia Lamb?" she asked eyes wide. i nodded. "wow omigosh she is like almost a riding celebratie. everyone here at this barn looks up to he. why isnt she showing anymore?" "i-erm um heh. her horse Pirate had to be put down and she broke some bones so she cant really ride right now... which is actually why we are here. the horse we are looking at is Pirates son." "holy cow. woah. Lydia Lamb THE Lydia Lamb wants to but my brothers horse?! TYLER!!!!!!!!!" she ran out of the room. "okaayy?" i say "wait why did you want this horse if she is a YENT rider?" asks natalia. "no comment" i say. lilly and natalia look at me. "erm sorry i mean its kinda personal" to many press confrences and not answering paps questions. "i would like to see him now." we go out to the stables and that girl and tyler lydias brother comes out. "hey niall bud! how is she?" "hey man. she is fine-ish so we are out here for that." "oh okay well um this is my step sister may and Rennie is her brothers my step brothers horse. he erm kinda abused it so just watch out." "wait tyler how do you know THE Niall Horan?" asks may. "we met a while ago when i was at the barn looking at Scooter. the horse i just bought." he replies "oh okay... DOES THAT MEAN YOU MET LYDIA LAMB!?!?!?!" "haha no may but i did see her ride a little. well we should get going. mom wants us home in an hour. bye! hope you pick Rennie." they walk away, may clinging to tylers shoulder. i wonder if may knows that Lydia is tylers sis. oh well. we look at Rennie and i have a good feeling about him. so we bought him. i wonder if Lydia is gonna like it... oh well ill find out soon enough

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