My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


4. So He Hit The Dirt...

Lydias POV

so when we went into the barn to get Weltmeer and Pirate ready, he walked around and decided to pet the meanest little pony here. i giggled and he looked over at me. right then and there, perfect moment. Royal bit his hand leaving a huge red mark. i couldnt help but laugh out loud. he looked at me with a pout "HEEEYY THATS NOT NICE!!!" "youre right Royal isnt very nice. oh well youll live. sadly" i whispered that last part. after we tack up Weltmeer and Pirate, i give them each half of a candy cane that i keep in my tack box. i give half to the blonde kid and make his handflat. "oh thanks i was getting a litte hungry!" "no you dim witt thats for Weltmeer!!! ugh!" i grab another candy cane and break it again and i give it to Weltmeer myself. i turn to the blonde "okay first things first you cry i make you get off and you do push ups. you complain, you do push ups. you fall of, you do push ups. if you do anything else wrong-" "i do push ups i get it" "no you do sit ups. dont ever cut me off dont talk back dont ever say this isnt a sport. you skip i work you five times harder then before. now whats your name. you know mine its only fair i know yours?" "erm Niall. can we please go?" "okay Niall lay down on the ground and do 30 crunches. now" "WHAT?!?!" "do you wanna make it 50?" he layed down on the ground and started doing the crunches. yes i know, he didnt do anything but im not going easy on him. though we are still in the barn so he is doing this on concrete ssooo... omigosh he takes forever!

Nialls POV

ugh i hate her so much right now! too many rules and im doing these crunches on concrete! I WANT PPAAAUUULLL!!!! she is so rude. i just want to be done. okay after the 30, we went into the arena. w.o.w. this place is huge. there are jumps up and they are taller then flippin ME! i have underestimated her! as soon as i got on Weltmeer, i slid off the other side and hit the dirt. Lydia started laughing so hard she fell to her knees, still holding on to Pirates reins. i guess i feel better, you know being laughed at for falling off a horse...

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