My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


6. Sand Everywhere

Lydias POV

as soon as that cocky curly guy gets on he does something that Weltmeer reacts to. his knees dug into Weltmeers side and 3...2...1... Curls gets bucked off and lands face first in the sand. niall tries to stiffle a laugh but me? i am doubled over on pirates back laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. by now Niall is laughing too on the ground rolling. the other boys and im guessing their trainers? look shocked at our reactions. curls looks up at me and says "you gave that horse something so it will buck me off!" "okay rule number one, no yelling aroud horses. 2, heels up toes down. 3 thumbs towards the sky. 4 always be ready for sudden things on the back of a horse. Blondie stop laughing you will spook Pirate!" "echehm sorry" niall said blushing. "okay curls im a YENT rider the youngerst one to jion too. im 18 and i have more sense then you! okay niall hold weltmeer curls dont dig in with your knees." he gets on this time perfectly. niall walks over and raised the jump taller then he was and winked at me. he probably wants me to show off. he then does it with all the other rails in the arena. i start walking around then after a few laps i trot. "okay boys while im warming up do 30 push ups and 20 crunches. you complain im going to make you do more. your trainers can do the same. curls-" "its harry and what does YENT mean?" "erm harry dont talk when shes talking and YENT means Youth Equestrian National Team. its a few levels under Olympic rider." Niall speaks up "thank you Niall and curls, i dont care what your name is you do what i say. take welmeer over to the wall  and walk."

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