My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


9. Poor Pirate

Nialls POV

the doctors say that Lydia broke her leg in one place and is fractured in the the thigh on the same leg. the doctor who put her cast on also said that she has some pretty bad shin splints in the same leg before all this happened. Dr. Pepper (hehe sorry its my favorite i just had to do it.) said that after we get the cast and brace off that she should ice it. she also has a sprained wrist so she needs to ice that all the time as well. obbviously no riding for her. whe nwe take her back to Lillys place, she was quiet. after Louis parked the car i handed her crutches and she got out, making her way towards the barn. i slowely followed behind, telling the boys we would be there in a while. she got there way quicker then i did and i heard an ear peircing scream. i ran as fast as i could not caring if we were in the barn. she was outside Pirates stall, tears streaming down her face. i looked in and couldnt help gasping. there was pirate. breathing heavily and laying down. i ran to go get lilly. "Problem. Pirate. Scream. Lydia. Bad" was all i said gasping for air. and with that, Lilly sprinted outside. when i went back to the barn Lydia was in Pirates stall, sitting next to him and rubbing his neck. Pirate was in so much pain and you could see it. Lilly was on he phone. when she got off she said "the vet will be here in a while. Niall, what did you do after you brought the horses in?" "i gave them both to a blonde chick and asked her to feel for heat in his legs." "niall, what did the girl look like?" asked lilly. "well she was blonde like i just said and she had brown eyes and really red lipstick on and some freckles." "niall that was Julie.she and Lydia are teamates though im not sure why but they cant stand each other. sadly i have to admit that Julie obviously didnt feel for heat and im guessing she did it so Lydia wouldnt be able to compete." "But what about Weltmeer" "Weltmeer is too old and cant jump high enough." "oh..." i look back at Lydia. her tears have stopped and she looks like she is about to fall asleep. "alright Lydia lets get you to bed." said lilly. lydia just looked away. "lydia?" i said. "i look after Pirate tonight then you cancome back in the morning okay?" she just looked at me. i could see how hurt she was right now. she nodded a little bit and lilly looked at me in disbeleif. did this mean that Lydia trusted me? but i thought that she only trusted Pirate and Weltmeer? oh well. i walk into the stall and pick her up. she wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder. as we walk back to the house, i think she starts to fall asleep because next time i look at her, her eyes were closed. as we went inside i set her down on the couch and made her law down. i went and got ice from the freezer and a towel to wrap around it and hold it to her wrist. she winces in pain but takes her hand to hold it there. "im gonna go bsck to pirate will you  be okay here?" she just nods and i stand up and get her a blanket and wrap her in it. then i go back to the barn.

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