My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


15. Onto Tour

hey guys super sorry i didnt update yesterday. i have been kinda busy. i also have another book called Hired For Irwin. its about 5SOS so if you dont like that band then dont read it! if you like this book enough follow me on Instagram @ qh_rider!

Lydias POV

niall asked me to go on tour with him!!! to train him of course since i cant ride. its been a month since my birthday and Renegade and i have gotten kinda close. he doesnt tense up when i get near him or touch him but he wont let me ride him still. niall said his last owner kinda abusedd him so im taking things slow. "LYDIA!!!!!" niall comes running out of the bathroom with blue hair. i have to stiffle a laugh "cuhcuh erm yeah?" "i know it was you that did this" he said, gesturing to him hair. "well i dont know if i did it. there is probably a 1/5% chance that i could have done it i mean, you have other band members that know where you sleep too..." i say smirking. he just groans in response. lilly comes up. "hey- woah niall your hair!" niall just glares at me. "continue lilly." i say. "well um anyway the tourbus is here. there is a place for 7 horses and a tack room as well so you can train the guys and get to know Rennie better. Paul said you need to leave in an hour so start loading your stuff up!"

*2 hours later*

we are now in the tourbus. just sitting here. "lets do a keek!!!" louis says. he starts one and points it at me. "he guys im lydia there trainer thats coming on tour. do you know what these boys are gonna do? well im not sure either..." we joke around for some time before i go to the kitchen area and grab some food out of the little fridge. mmm pizza! i take it out and eat it. i have eaten half of the laast peice before louis starts another keek. "MY PIZZA!!!!!" niall screams. my eyes widen "run!" louis screams. so thats what i do. all this on a keek. niall finally catches my and is stradling me on the couch. "gimme my pizza and no one gets hurt." "hhmmm.... no!" i yell as i shove the last of the pizza into my mouth. "NNNOOOO!!!!!!!" he gets off me and runs over to liam and slaps his arm. "ow!" "i told her that if she didnt eat it no one would get hurt. she ate it..."  niall replys calmly. well, this will be an interesting tour...

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