My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


19. Off To A Wild Goose Chase

Nialls POV

"tyler?" lydia asked, there was surprise all over her face but in her eyes was confusion and a little bit of hurt though im not sure why. "hey lyds" he responds. may looks between them like they are freaks. "uuuhhhmm?" is all she says. finally, in all this akwardness, i say, "tyler nice to see you again" he looks at me and smiles. "yeah! its been a while. like two weeks?" he says. "so guys this is tyler. he erm helped me pick out ren and he is ly-" i say before lydia puts her hand over my mouth. she glares at me. "lydias what?" louis asks. can he not? "yeah i agree" says may and her friends nod. "well sissie," tyler starts "sissie?" lydia asks. "wait ill explain when im done explaining this. may and lexi, this is the YENT rider you are obbsessed with and she might sorta kinda be, in a way related to me..." he said and lydia just turns around and walks out of the door towards the bus. she stops when the car honks at her and just stares at it. finally she glares at it and keeps walking. i turn to look at tyler. he looks disapointed and guilty. may musst not have noticed because she said, "OMIGOSH LYDIA IS MY STEP-SISTER!? WHY WAS I NEVER TOLD?!" "well 1, mom never let us tell you and 2, she kinda hates everyone and now she hates me too..." tyler trails off. next thing we know we hear clopping going down the street. "doesnt she know she needs to be a cop to ride horses out here?" zayn asks. "shoot" tyler and i whisper at the same time. we look at each other and head outside towards the horse mobile thingy. "she took Welty. he is the only one i know how to ride!" "well get on Grand. he is a lot calmer even though Weltmeer is calm but oh well. help me get Bonnie ready. Hey Bon" i watch as bonnie stretches out towards him. i look at him and he gives me the look that says 'ill tell you later' i nod and we get on and head off. i hope we can find her. i know she went on a ride to clear her head but this is a big city where we are at and the beach is 30 minutes away from where we are at. "tyler! head towards the beach!" he nods and we head on our way.

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