My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


20. No

Lydias POV

i just had to leave. im heading towards the beach where niall and i rode earlier. while we were riding i found a trail and niall didnt see it so im going to go through there. weltmeer is starting to sweat so i slow him down. we trot a little ways and i can see the beach by now. i slow him to a walk and turn onto the trail. i like trail riding because they help me think. why didnt tyler tell me mom got re-married? did he want me to find out in the worst possible way? why dont i ever know whats going on in their life? am i really not that important to tyler? all these things going through my head, i didnt hear the hooves from behind me. "lydia do you want to scare us even more next time?" tyler asks. "well i can if you dont tell me any more secrets that you have been keeping from me now." i reply. "lyds, he was trying to protect you..." "protect me from what? knowing that my mom got re-married? i dont mind having more siblings but not knowing mom got re-married? that is why im so flippin mad." "in my defense-" "you dont get a defense. you kept something from me and i had to find it out in the worst way possible. when we get back, dont talk to me ever again. i dont want to be near someone who i dont trust." i say. i kick Welty into a trot and start to head back. the guys follow me and when we get back, tylers mom is mad. i dont even call her my mom anymore. not after what she did to me. "tyler get in the car, we are leaving." he gets off bonnie and hands niall the reins and gets in the car. his mom glares at me and gets in herself. when they pull out of the parkinglot i get off welty and start untacking. its gonna be a long night...

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