My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


3. Meeting Lydia Lamb

Nialls POV

woot woot!!! time to meet my trainer! after i get ready, i got a text from paul saying that for my workout i need sweats and a pair of boots. thats weird. as i go back up to change, i get weird looks from the boys. "are you going up to change? why?" harry asks. "im not sure why. i was told to wear sweat pants." i shrug my shoulders and head up. when i come back downstairs, the only person there is paul. apperently all the other boys had left with their bodyguards. okay well then... when paul and i get in the car, we start heading towards the park. im sooo cunfused. when we pull up at the barn across the street from the park, im so nervous and confused that i didnt notice the two girls staring at me until  paul started to talk to the older of the two. the other girl was, well lets face it. she was pretty darn fit. i mean, a tight short sleeved shirt that showed a rock hard stomach some tight fitting pants that totally showed very muscular thighs and her arms were pretty strong looking. on her feet were black tall boots that almost went above her knees. wow. "Hi im Paul and this is Niall. we were told you would have a trainer here for us?" whoa wait what?! this is the gym im going to?! but riding isnt even a sport!! "well actually if you took notice, riding is in the Olympics and im much stronger than you. and yes this is in fact a sport and this isnt a gym its a stable with an arena." the younger hot looking girl retorted. well rude much? "sorry was i thinking out loud" i sweetly ask. she rolls her eyes and paul just says "erm Niall this is Lydia Lamb. your coach. she is the youngest rider on the YENT. she is going to train you through riding." i extend my arm to the older looking lady "oh no im not lydia. i Lilly her YENT coach." oh... greeaaat... "what ever lets go get your horse. you are riding Weltmeer. do everything i say and he wont buck you off. im riding with my show pony pirate. stay out of my way and you wont get hurt" Lydia whispers the last part. loving this girl already. note the sarcasm

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